Table top crochet patterns can be used to protect your table, to decorate your table, and also to decorate for the season. Plus, they work on more then just dinning room tables. You can used table runners to add some character to shelves, dressers, and end tables. Placemats are also a great way to dress up TV trays when you’re having a lot of company and need some extra table tops.

Table Top Crochet free crochet pattern round up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links to seven free table top crochet patterns.

1) Alpine Table Runner by Pattern Paradise
“I’m a big fan of the versatility of a table runner, they are decorative, of course, but I find they can work as a pad to protect a table against the heat of a serving plate as well.”

2) Bright Chevron Placemat by Moogly
“I love this stitch pattern! The Bright Chevron Placemat is summery, fun to crochet, and just plain happy.”

3) Cozy Grannies Table Runner by Fiber Flux
“This project was a highly requested item in the Fiber Flux community and I’m so excited we are making a fun & festive table runner this time!”

4) Nutmeg Nibbles by Heart Hook Home
“Not only did I design this new placemat pattern for fall using a stitch that reminds me of falling leaves, but the colorway of “Nutmeg Nibbles” couldn’t be more aptly named.”

5) Onion Soup Sisters-in-Law by ACCROchet
OMG: Two of my favorite things, onion soup and crochet, are combined in this souper fun crochet pattern!

6) Little Tree Coasters by Blackstone Designs
“Don’t you just love the rustic theme? I’m so in love with it right now and tree prints are really stealing my heart.”

7) Patriotic Placemat by Jessie At Home
“I love the look of the blue triangle and diagonal red and white stripes to represent the flag. It works so well for a placemat, and there is no worry of being disrespectful to the flag this way.”

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Table Top Crochet - Protect and spruce up your table.

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