So I had these grand plans for the week. I was going to run to AC Moore this morning to grab some yarn for the process photos that I am adding to the Fall Leaves wrap, along with a 2 color leaf option (this means I will be making another wrap to show the 2 color option, made in yarn that can be bought from most craft stores.) Then I was going to make a Stitchopedia video for the linen stitch and get that up today. That way by the end of the week I could have the pattern for the Baker’s Tee up for you. That pattern will be free here on this blog, and I wanted the linen stitch Stitchopedia post done first as the Baker’s Tee is made with the linen st. Then there were other videos and patterns to be worked on over the week, along with getting more posts up. Oh the plans.

I have been staying up to late. WAY to late. Last night was the earliest I have gotten to bed in about a week. When I pulled up the covers it was 12:42. Oops.

Consequently, it was 9:20 before I was showered, dressed, and downstairs ready to start the week. Not the best way to get started. Somehow, catching up on my social media/email from the night managed to take an hour. Ugg. Eventually I got the girls into Thor (Doug was working until 1 today) and off we went to the craft store.

After much debate, I found a craft store yarn that would work for Fall Leaves Wrap 2.0, Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable. They have just released new colorways and I am quite excited about how this is going to turn out! Remember, you can buy the pattern from Ravelry for the rest of the month for just $4.50. After that I will be adding the chart, process photos, and 2 color leaf option, and the price will go up to $6.00. Everyone who has bought it will get the updates, so you are best off to buy it now while the price is low!


By the time we got home, it was pretty much lunch time. So I fed the littles and came downstairs with my coffee to get going on the videos. I started to set up the camera and decided it was time I find a better way to set up. Over an hour later, I was finally ready to get started. So, I did. I started the same video 4 times before I finally stopped tripping over my tongue. Things looked good for the next take, until just over a minute in, when Doug came home. I work in the basement. Children running above me do not make for good background music on my videos. I went upstairs to find out if there was going to be quite any time soon. Doug said once he got settled he and the girls would watch Star Wars. So back down I went, working on a few other things while I waited for the girls to tell me they were going to start the movie so things would be quite. I should really know better. The girls and I have super hearing, but even with his hearing aids in, Doug does not hear that well. The movie was far too loud. There was no way to make the videos without having Star Wars in the background. I don’t hold out hope for any quite once it is over, either.

Doug will be working for several hours tomorrow, and I will send the girls out back to play at that time and film as many videos as I can while I have some quite. Once school starts I will have the house to myself during the school day and it will be much easier to get work done. Until then, I just have to plan a lot better!

So, want to see some pretty pictures?


Have you heard about the “design a shawl for Stevie Nicks” contest? Well, it appears as though I am crazy enough to give it a go. I doubt a crochet shawl will win with just a sketch, so I bought some yarn (like, really fruu fruu, expensive, crazy yarn) to make a swatch to show with the sketch. Like I said, crazy.


The girls made some art yesterday. Here is a snap of a little unicorn Kyla drew.


And here are the artists with their creations. Sorry, it was too bright to get a good shot, but the girls were very proud and wanted a picture.

I have had so many ideas for patterns that have grown out of the Kat and Katherine patterns. Of course the next 2 will be the crochet kids coat, and the crochet adult coat, but then I think there will be a whole line of patterns that grow from there. So I decided they all need fairy names. The pattern I am working on right now is the kids coat, and it’s name is Lunette.


Here is the start of Lunette in size 3/4. Some of the panels have an advanced option and an easier option. The 3/4 coat I am making while I write the pattern will have the easier options. I will then make 2 in the 7/8 size for the girls, using the advanced options. I am hoping to start testing this at the beginning of the school year, at which point I will start writing the pattern for the adult version.


OK, sometimes I get a little silly with dinner. This was a side we had the other night, and it was pretty, so I took a picture. It’s just mini cucumbers with a little salt. It happens to be one of our favorite sides in the family. Just a little salt though, too much ruins it, but just a bit brings out the flavor. 🙂


I had to put together a few new images with some of my sale patterns and my logo because I am one of the designers who has donated prizes (free patterns!!) for the Crochet Lounge Birthday Party!! Hop on over there and join in the fun, there are tons of great prizes!


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9 Comments on The Best Laid Plans ~ or ~ When does school start again?

  1. Those are beautiful colors for the Stevie Nicks shawl! And I LOVE cucumbers with salt! Probably my favorite snack ever

  2. I hear ya on the loud kids! Mine don’t let me do anything either. As much as I love them, I am looking forward to school so I don’t have to listen to the “I’m hungry” and telling them to play outside all the time! I am looking forward to being able to get some projects done as well!

  3. Oh how I envy you with your built in noise lol! 🙂 I often have the television on just to keep me company while the husband works.

    I’m glad to see you’re going to enter the Stevie Nicks design challenge! I’ll follow along to see your results for sure. 🙂

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