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Vintage Button Re~Make

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I wanted to share this quick and easy little pattern for upcycling vintage buttons with you, my friends! I will simply give you the pattern without gauge, or yarn size. You may just want to make one flower with a vintage button in the middle like this:

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There is something about a vintage button that just says “make me a flower pin!” Or maybe it’s just the voices…


Or you may want to make one flower in one gauge/weight, with a smaller flower (made by using a smaller weight yarn and/or smaller hook) and then a button, like this:


Did you know you can buy lots of vintage buttons on Amazon? How cool is that!

So let’s get started.
ch ~ chain
sl st ~ slip stitch
hdc ~ half double crochet
dc ~ double crochet
st ~ stitch


Ch4, sl st into first ch to form a ring.




For a 5 petal flower, 9hdc in ring (or 11hdc for a 6 petal flower), sl st into top of ch2.


Ch2, 3dc in next st…


Ch2, sl st in next st (one petal made)


Continue making petal in this manner (ch2, 3dc in next st, ch2, sl st in next st) until all 5 (or 6) petals are done. Clip yarn and finish off.


If you are making a two layer flower, repeat with a smaller yarn/hook.


Now collect all your parts: flower(s), button, pin back (or hair band, or whatever you want to put your pretty petals on!)


Stack and sew!


I love to use these as little thank you gifts to my customers.


Here’s a few more I made the other day.


As you can see, I love to use vintage shank buttons for these beautiful blooms. However, you can also use modern buttons, and you can use buttons with holes in place of shanks. Even beads work. Maybe hot glue on a single earring with the post/clip cut off. You know those great earrings in the old jewelry box that you know came from one of your grandmothers.

As usual, just have fun!!


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9 thoughts on “Vintage Button Re~Make”

  1. While attending Chemo treatments for my daughter, we were given some crochet hat that
    had been donated by some lovely ladies. I noticed most didn’t have embellishments, such as flowers,etc. So, I refreshed my crocheting skills by watching tutorial like yours and started making crochet flower.I added a safety pin on the back so they can be attached to the hats.
    Nurses loved them and so did the patients. I was happy to put a smile on their faces.

  2. Hi Jessie, such a lovely idea. I use little flowers of all sorts to decorate my knitting. I am a knitweaver and we use a very fine yarn as the base thread and any fancy yarn to weave with, even very heavy hand knitting yarns. The base thread (1ply) is super for this job as it can be doubled to whatever thickness and can be thinned down for subsequent layers. The flower patterns I make up as I go along, but being rather vintage myself I do have to write them down as I go these days. I would send you pics of what I have done. but have no idea how to get the pics into the system. Thank you for sharing your lovely idea, I have thought up several ways of using them already.

    • At this point, I often do both. When I wrote this design, I wasn’t making videos yet. There are people who like pictures, and those who like videos. I’ve always preferred pictures, so it took a while before I started making videos. It’s possible that I may make a video for this at some point, I’ll put it on my request list.

  3. Hi Jesse!
    I have a question about these “vintage buttons” (I peeked over there while reading this blog)….

    If I use them on a wearable, how do they do in the wash? Will I have to remove/replace buttons before/after washing? Will they fade and lose those beautiful colors and designs? That’s the only reason I haven’t ordered yet – though I did put on my “wishlist” so I can find them more easily if/when I do, in fact decide to order?

    I seem to crochet so very SLOWLY! So I occasionally get frustrated and stop crocheting for a while. – though all the time I look at new patterns and get excited about trying something new! Designers, such as you, Jesse, so generously sharing your beautiful designs with all of us! I started crocheting again – after over 20 years without doing any at all – just because I saw so many gorgeous patterns that I wanted to try. So inspiring! and you help all of us improve our own crochet skills so freely! I know that many designers depend on pattern sales – and “associate partnerships”. But if I had to pay for all the patterns I’ve made, I would NOT be about to do so! Living on fixed, retirement income, leaves little – or NO “extra change” to do fun and relaxing crafts such as crochet!
    THANK YOU – TO ALL OF YOU WHO SHARE SO VERY FREELY WITH ALL OFF US! I’m sure that God, Himself, is aware of your sharing and will Bless you and your Family!

    • Thank you so much for all your kind words!! I wish so much I had a great answer for you. I can tell you my experience and hope it helps.
      Usually metal buttons are fine in the wash. Mother of Pearl buttons are usually fine as well as long as they are thick and sturdy enough that they don’t get broken. Beyond that, it kind of changes from button to button. Some hold paint, some don’t. The best way to get an answer is to ask the seller of the button, but sometimes they just tell you what they think will get you to buy, and sometimes they don’t know at all – especially if they truly are vintage buttons.

      I have a huge stash of vintage buttons from my great grandmother (who taught me to crochet) so this is one of the ways I use those buttons to bring happiness to others.

      Keep on crocheting my crafty friend!


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