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Winter Tree Craft – Mini wood trees with paint, flocking, and beads!

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This winter tree craft makes quick little knick knacks that can be placed around the house for seasonal or holiday decoration. They can be made in colors for your winter holidays – such as Christmas or Hanukkah – or winter colors, or colors that match your decor. Make them to suit your style and then display them with pride!

Winter Tree Craft - crafty tutorial by Jessie At Home

The products used in this tutorial were provided by Woodpeckers Crafts, Plaid Crafts, and Therm O Web. All opinions are my own.

Winter Tree Craft - All the supplies - crafty tutorial by Jessie At Home

These little trees are so fun and easy to make! Here is what you will need:

Winter Tree Craft - applying the tape - crafty tutorial by Jessie At Home

Start off by painting the trees as you like. You may need multiple coats of paint. Make sure your trees are completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Wrap the Terrific Tape around the base of the tree. In order to get a seamless look you will want to use a piece of tape just a bit longer then needed to go around the tree base. Start wrapping the base and when you get around to the beginning again peel up the backing on the starting end of the tape so you can overlap it. Peel off the backing the rest of the way

Winter Tree Craft - flocking the base - crafty tutorial by Jessie At Home

Take a piece of the flocking and press it against the tape. Press firmly with your fingers. It’s OK to do this in sections, just don’t reuse the same section of flocking.

Winter Tree Craft - dots of glue - crafty tutorial by Jessie At Home

To make the dots on the trees, make small dots with adhesive pen and allow them to dry for about 1 minute. Then firmly press the flocking onto the dots.

Winter Tree Craft - ready for beads - crafty tutorial by Jessie At Home

Lastly, add a little sparkle to your trees by gluing beads to the top of the trees.

Winter Tree Craft - All done - crafty tutorial by Jessie At Home

Ta-da! You’re all done! I made a fun variety of trees for fun decorations this winter. The kiddos have already chosen which trees they want to put in their rooms.

Happy crafting, my friends!


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Winter Tree Craft - Mini wood trees with paint, flocking, and beads!

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