There has been a lot going on around here as of late. The littles just graduated from Kindergarten. I had a friend whom I haven’t seen in two years spend the week here. Doug’s last day of the school year was today (though he still has his other two jobs all summer long.) And there has been a lot happening politically centered around teachers, contracts, education, and such. I have been very stressed. Oh, and I started testing my newest pattern.


I have about 6 posts I need to write for you. All my usual kind of stuff: crochet, crafts, pictures of the girls, you know the drill.

I have tried to start several different post on one of my usual topics, but I keep seeing red about the abuse of my husband, my mother, my friend who was visiting, and oh~so~many~more. The abuse of the American Teacher. Instead of writing a post here, I found myself writing a status update on Facebook. The usual content will be back with the next post, but for now, here is that status update:

Has it occurred to those crying for the heads of the American Teacher, because we are falling behind “other countries” in education, that these “other countries” are full of parents who expect their children to take their education seriously? These parents teach their children to value education and respect their teachers. In America, we do still have parents like this, but the number is dwindling. These “other countries” pay their teachers much better then the American Teacher, because they know that teachers are molding the future (their children.) These “other countries” do not view teachers as greedy lazy slugs, but as important role models to be respected. There are so many factors to what is happening with American Education. Scapegoating the American Teacher is not going to solve the problem. A person in constant fear of loosing their job and/or not being able to pay their bills, is not going to be able to do their job to the best of their abilities. I am beyond feed up with ignorant asses who think teachers are the problem. When my husbands job no longer exists, and we (my family) have lost everything but each other, we will still have more then you, because we fought for what was right: we fought for our children and for yours.


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  1. On behalf of teachers, THANK YOU. Kind words mean a lot in these very uncertain days for teachers and the future of public education in America.

  2. Jess,

    Thanks for the post. I have some fantastic parents at my school. Many of them are deployed to Afghanistan, yet they help with homework via the computer and will email teachers with questions or concerns about their children. The children come to school everyday and do their best to learn while worrying about what is happening to their parents. One third grader told me that having his dad gone is “really kicking my butt, this time”. The this time comment breaks by heart. Some of these kids really rely on the support they get at school but that is lessening all the time due to the budget and furloughs. Almost every teacher I know is dedicated, hard working, and while richer for working with the kids, poorer because of the money out of their own pockets they spend and now the extra money they have to spend on their “benefits’. Love, Mom

  3. I don’t think teachers are the problem at all> I think parents are , (not all parents) But those that don’t teach their child how to behave and respect others and do their very best.I do know for a fact there are teachers out there that should not be teachers just as parent that should not be parents. Other then the fact our government just don’t care if they did they would pay teachers what they deserve and take away from the kids they say they care about . It is all unfair all the way around .

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