I know, I need to be more consistent with my posts. As I said the other day, the stress of last few months is really getting to me; but don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I will be working on the behind~the~scenes~stuff on my blog this summer. Basically making sure all the links go where they should (there is still some craziness from the move from Blogger to self~hosted WordPress,) and getting all my patterns in the correct directories, so that new people can find them. While all this is going on, I will still share new posts with you.

I have some great photos to share with you, I even have a new crochet pattern in the works. It is a really fun crochet skirt, child sizes all the way up to adult 5X. It’s currently being tested. The test is scheduled to end August 15, but my awesome testers are hooking away so quickly that the pattern may be able to be released by the end of the month. I’m very excited. I am even making one for myself! I gave you a peek in the last post, but here it is again.


I plan on spending the next couple of weeks getting you caught up with the end of the school year, graduation photos, street fair insanity, dinosaurs, that free pattern I spoke of, and others such fun things.

The other day I got this awesomeness in the mail.


So off to AC Moore I went. See the pretties I bought.


The red white and blue was for something that is going to have to happen for 4th of July ’14, time sort of got away from me. The other colors are for that free pattern. Aren’t I a stinker with all this teasing?

Right, so street fairs. They’re finally over! It turns out selling at street fairs was not such a brilliant idea after all. They are fun to go to, but not my thing for selling. I did meet some great people though. At the street fair in Montville, NJ we were across the way from Classy Crafters. Along with other things they made really cool glass block lights. Doug fell in love with a Giants light. It’s in his office now.


These are some amazing ladies, who are very nice, and quite talented. Go take a look at their site and you’ll see what I mean.

At the same street fair, two booths down, was I Love You Monster. And believe me, the girls loved the monsters! They absolutely fell in love with the two young woman running the booth as well. So much so that we had to call Grammy and Grandpa and ask for monsters for their birthday. When I was at the booth, I gave the monsters a good look over, and they’re sewn extremely well.


Shh, don’t tell the girls, their birthday isn’t until the 13th. These little monsters look nice and sturdy, they should be able to handle lots and lots of love! Find I Love You Monster on Etsy and Facebook.


The last street fair we did was just around the corner here in Nutley. We ended up next to a woman who takes beautiful photographs and puts them into cards.


They are actually matted within the card, so after you have read the card you can put the matted photo in a frame and hang it on the wall. She also wrote this cute little book. She gave a signed copy the girls as a thank you gift because, well, there were some issues with her tent.


Doug had to help. He brought tape tape. Lots of duct tape.


By the end of the day I was kind of amazed that the tent was still standing.

Speaking of the end of the day, Doug’s little brother Tim and his girlfriend Christina came out for the second half of the day. They walked around with the girls for a bit (Christine was talked into buying them toys) and we all have a lot of fun together. It was nice to see them.


At some point during the street fair a giant teddy bear walk by. It seems as though my children are not shy.


So, yea, no more selling at street fairs for me. We will just go and have fun and buy lots of kettle corn. I love kettle corn. I think I may have an addiction…

Well, hopefully I will work on that constancy thing, and get you a post about the girls graduating from kindergarten in the next day or two. In the mean time, have a wonderful 4th of July to my American friends, or a pleasant Thursday to the rest!


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    • I really think an Art Fair would have been a much better place for me to have a booth. But the street fairs are fun to go to with the family!

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