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Big ol’ Holiday Gift 2014

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Happy Holidays!!! To thank you all for your amazing support over the years, I have a gift for you!!

Jessie At Home Holiday Sale 2014Pin

That’s right, it’s a big ol’ sale!

I am changing things up a bit with my sale patterns. When I am done (which should be before the sale starts on Thursday morning) they will all be able to be purchased right off my website, through Ravelry. Let me walk you through it.

You can find all my crochet sale patterns here, and all my knit sale patterns here.

Once you are looking at the crochet or knit patterns, choose which one you want first. Let’s say you want the Emma Skater Skirt. Click on that image and it will take you to the listing for that pattern. Under the description, you will see the cost, and then a link to “add to cart”. Click on that link. You will get a pop up to show that you have added the pattern to your cart. If you want to buy more, just close the pop up and keep shopping. Every time you click “add to cart” it will add the pattern you have chosen to your cart. When you have the last pattern you want in your cart, it is time to add your coupon! If you closed the pop up, don’t worry, just click on “show cart” from any pattern. Now click on “use coupon code” in the pop up window. Type in your code and hit apply. Click on “checkout now” and pay as you normally do on Ravelry. You will receive the pattern in the normal Ravelry manner, and it will be saved in you Ravelry library!

**Please note that patterns are non refundable. Be sure you have the correct pattern in your cart before checking out, and be sure your total is correct before checking out. If the coupon code is not working, check that is it spelled correctly, and check the start and end dates to be sure it is an active code. If all that is right and it is still not working, then let me know so I can address the issue.**

All of my patterns are also still purchasable on Craftsy, Etsy, and Crochetville (crochet patterns only on Crochetville). The links to each pattern on those sites are on the pattern listing pages below the “show cart” link.

Thank you again. You are all amazing.

ETA: The Hooked Haberdasher has put together a list of a dozen crochet themed sales! Check it out!



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