I’m taking stock of the yarn and yarn adjacent companies who are standing against systematic racism and white supremacy. I will be posting links to the statements these companies have made. If you find any that I’ve missed, please reply with those links.

PLEASE – Contact your favorite companies who are NOT saying anything and tell them to add their voices. Then give some love to the companies who are!

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Black Lives Matter - Yarn and Yarn Adjacent Companies Taking a Stand

4 Comments on Black Lives Matter – Yarn and Yarn Adjacent Companies Taking a Stand

  1. This is great. Lion Brand should definitely be on this list. They have read several statements publicly about their stance and are donating money every week in June to different organizations that encourage inclusiveness. They are also donating money from sales of online kits designed by BIPOC makers. Last Friday their CEO again spoke publicly on a FB live about their stance. Here is the link regarding this week’s donation. https://www.facebook.com/LionBrandYarns/photos/a.145859959917/10159654572824918/?type=3 . I have been troubled that they are the only major yarn company that has spoken out and very sad over this whole thing. I knew when Spinrite bought Red Heart it would be a disaster. Thank you for your integrity

    • Thank you SO much Chris! I have also been very impressed with what Lion Brand is doing and I really thought I had put them on the list when I first made it. I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t, because they are rocking it! Thank you for letting me know I missed them, they truly are being amazing and working hard for equality.

      • Yes they are! I absolutely love them. They were the very first place I got 99% of my patterns and yarn from years ago. I kind of geared more toward Red Heart in the past few years because I adore their former National Spokesperson but I was so upset when I found out they were being bought out and her roll changed. I can’t really toss the yarn I have but I won’t be purchasing anymore.

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