I hope you are having a wonderful weekend my friends!

When I trudged downstairs yesterday morning, this is what greeted me:


Kyla had swiped a Coats box I was planning on sending some stuff to a friend in, and the tubes from some Baker’s Cotton that I had used recently. She was having too much fun for me to be upset. I was planning on giving the tubes to the girls for crafts anyway!


Vada was taking a break on the couch, so Kyla showed me her creation as well. She had swiped the box from my new camcorder that I hadn’t gotten around to flattening out for recycling.

They were making race cars.

Would you like to see the first race?

As you can see, some repairs were required after the race. So more time was taken for improvements, then there was another race. Then more improvements, and another race. Then more…this went on all day. Seriously. From the time they got up in the morning until I made them move the boxes into the corner, clean up the craft supplies and go to bed. It was awesome!


Somewhere in the middle of the day I took another race video.

Here are the finished racers:


It was a crazy, fun, day!

I also have some snaps from the last week to share with you. After shoveling one day last week, Doug left me a note.


One morning a few days ago Kyla came downstairs in this skirt. It needed a little TLC. It took about an hour, but I painstakingly wove some quilting thread through the net to strengthen and repair the net. Kyla was very happy.


Not that long ago I ordered some brimlock (the stuff that goes around the outer edge of a brimmed hat to hold it’s shape) and heat shrink joiners. A few days later they arrived with this wonderful quote! How many ways do I love Judith M after this experience?! They are quick, the prices are reasonable, and they have a great sense of humor!


I’ve never used the heat shrink joiners before, I always used the metal ones that you crimp. I thought I should give these a try because they will not show as much through the crochet, and I was worried the metal kind might snag the yarn. I’ll let you know what I think of it once I have used it.

So, crochet (and maybe knit) sun hats to come!! It may be a month or two, but there will be some sun hats!!

School was cancelled on Valentine’s Day, so the celebrations were rescheduled for this past Friday. The girls had fun signing all the cards for their friends!


Kyla wrote up a Valentine’s wish for Daddy. Yes, she wished for a contract for him (4 years with no contract and a pay freeze for Paterson teachers!)


On the yarnie front, the Stitchopedia is just 2 weeks old and there are already 6 posts. Just imagine all the wonderful skills you will be learning as it grows!


On Monday of last week we went over to my photographer‘s house to get some pictures taken. At one point, there was a dance/music break.


It was far too much fun.


Would you like to know why we needed pictures? Well, I finally finished the Emma Skater Skirt crochet pattern!!


It actually went up for sale a few days ago. It is on sale for $5.00 for the rest of this month, and then it will go up to $6.00 on March first. If you “like” my Facebook page you will hear right away when new patterns are out, and there are also occasional coupon codes for my Ravelry store that I only post on my Facebook page.

You can find the Emma skirt on Ravelry, Craftsy, Etsy, and Crochetville. Even though all the photos are kids, this pattern does go from child small to adult 5x. It is worked top down (with my unique less~bulky crochet waistband) so it is easily made to the length you want!


Oh, and there were some snaps of the Katherine Coat as well. The testers are making good progress, I am still planning on releasing this pattern by  Easter. So start saving up for a large yarn purchase now!


I also needed a photo of myself. My wonderful mentor, Andee Graves, told me I need to put my face on my business cards (and all my social media avatars/profile pictures.)


One more fun thing to tell you!! Remember the In Love With Color Throw I designed for Red Heart?


Well, I checked with Red Heart, and they said it would be fine if I made video tutorial for each of the motifs to help you along as you create this colorful throw! So I will be recording away next week, with the goal of putting up a post with all the videos by the end of the week! I would LOVE to share some photos at the bottom of that post showing off the blankets YOU have created so far with this pattern. I know some of you have. I’ve seen them over on Facebook!! If you would like your In Love With Color Throw to be shown off at the bottom of the video tutorial post, then share your photo over on my Facebook page, and let me know you would like it in the Video Tutorial post on JessieAtHome. Be sure to include your Facebook page, Ravelry profile, blog, or crafty website that you would like the photo to link back to.

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