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Student Loan Freedom!!

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That’s right! I am finally student loan free!

You see, it was my goal to be able to pay off one of our student loans with our tax return. Doug’s loan has a smaller balance owed and a lower monthly minimum payment, so the goal was to pay off mine, thus lessening our monthly bills more than if we paid off Doug’s. However, when we saw what our tax return was going to be it looked like we would have to pay off his. There just wasn’t going to be quite enough to pay mine.

Today I checked my bank balance, and the federal return had come in. So had the payments from both of my advertisers. I’m sure you’ve noticed there are a few ads on my blog and little ads at the bottom of my videos and sometimes at the beginning of them. Well, that’s how us blogger~types get paid. So, as I said, my ad payments had come in. I looked at my bank balance… I looked again… No really, the state tax return hadn’t come in yet, the balance couldn’t be right… I guess my business is finally starting to make a difference financially; there was enough (just barely) to pay off my student loan.

So here I am, with a Masters degree, and paid off student loans, and I’m not yet 40. I don’t mean to brag… Wait, yes I do… I have a Masters degree, and no student loans, and I’m not even 40 yet! Woo hoo!! (I’m kind of impressed that the Dragon knew how to spell “woo hoo”)

OK, enough about money. Here’s a cute picture for you.


Yes, they are talking on their bananas.


Silly children! Today was “wear a shirt with a place on it” day for Dr Seuss week. AKA “Oh the Places You’ll Go” Day. Hence the matching Salem shirts. Here is a little bit more silly for you:

I’ve been short~attention~span~girl with my projects lately. Here is one I am working on. I hope to have a pattern for you next week. I am also planning a puff stitch Stitchopedia entry for next week. So this pattern will tie in with that, along with a fun necklace pattern I should be sharing soon!


I finally got my hands on some Red Heart Reflective yarn! I would show you how it shines in the flash, except I don’t have a flash. Did I tell you what happened? My camera died of jealousy. The day I brought home the new Camcorder, my camera died. The screen went black. It acted as though it worked, but no screen. When I viewed the pictures it took, they, too, were black. So, yup, it died of jealousy. Thankfully the Camcorder does take photos (that is what I have been using since then) but there is no flash.

So, I guess I finally need to buy and new camera as well. Ugg.


I have started a knit project as well. It is a super slouchy hat, and I think it is going to be very fun!! Once it is all done and pictures are taken I will share the pattern for free here on my blog. It’s been a while since I shared a free knit pattern, I am rather excited!


I have decided I need to go through the 50 plus mini movies I have stored on my laptop from the past 7 years. Most are cute little videos of the girls. I am editing them together a few at a time into not~quite~as~mini movies, then posting them on YouTube, saving them on a thumb drive, and cleaning up my hard drive. Here is the first. The videos were tagged as January 2008, but I would guess it is more like Nov/Dec 2008, as there is Christmas music in the back of the first one and the girls are walking. That would make them about 1 1/2 which seems right.

I should have the In Love With Color Throw videos up by the end of the week!!


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