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Breakdown of the Yarn Haul!!

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So I promised more photos and a break down of all the yarn I bought last night. I didn’t count out all the colors, but I did separate and count it by type. So here is the breakdown, with links to the yarns on line, and the retail price (based on the price of the yarn in the LYS, not on line.) The photos may not match up with the text, as they are just snaps of the unpacking and organizing efforts.


Berroco Vintage Chunky, 105 skeins, retail $8.50 x 105 = $892.50


Berroco Remix, 12 skeins, retail $11.00 x 12 = $132.00

Starting-to-organize- the-yarn

Tahki Cotton Classic, 15 skeins, retail $6.50 x 15 = $97.50


Prism Tencel Tape, 3 skeins, retail $15.00 x 3 = $45.00


Zara Chine, 9 skeins, retail $10.95 x 9 = $98.55


Universal Cotton Supreme, 7 skeins, retail $9.00 x 7 = $63.00


Tahki Boulder, 4 skeins, retail $30.00 x 4 = $120.00


Various patterns and needles = $102.45


Total retail = $1551.00, I paid = $320.00 I’m happy.

OK, that is an old picture of me happy, but it is hard to find pictures of me, I am rather camera shy.

I hope you all have had a weekend as spectacular as mine has been, or even just half as spectacular would still be rather awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Breakdown of the Yarn Haul!!”

  1. Hi there, if you still have the skein of Tahki Yarns Boulder in gray (colorway 06, called ember, second from the left in your lineup of Boulder skeins), I would love to buy it from you. I’ve come up short on a project using it and the stuff is discontinued! Thanks!


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