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How to KFB Knit Front and Back by Jessie At Home - Social

How to KFB – Knit Front and Back

Do you want to know how to KFB (Knit Front and Back)? Well, here you will find written, photo, and video tutorials that will teach you this increase.

How to Yarn Over Purl Wise Stitchopedia Tutorial by Jessie At Home - Social

YOPW: Yarn Over Purlwise

Yarn over purlwise isn’t used that often, but it’s a good skill to know for when you do need it. It’s super simple, basically a yarn over the other way.

Stitchopedia Knit Decreases K2tog & SSK ~ from Jessie At Home

Decreases: K2tog & ssk

There are so many knit decreases out there! In this Stitchopedia post, I will explain the k2tog (knit two together) and the ssk (slip slip knit), which are the two I see and use most often. Just as with the two kinds of make one increases we discussed a while back, these two decreases lean in opposite directions. I will also show you an alternate way to make the ssk. In this post you will find written instructions, process photos, … Read more

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