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I recently found myself in possession of a Boye Flower Loom. I’d never used one before, but I’ve always been fond of the pretty little flowers they create, so I thought I’d give it a go. You know what? It was really easy and the results were spectacular! I have a few ideas of what to do with some of these lovely flowers already!!

The loom came with instructions on how to use it, but I know some of you are more visual learners, so I thought I would make a video tutorial for you. I actually have 2, one that shows how to make the flower in a single color, without cutting the yarn between the flower and the center, and one that shows how to make the flower in two colors (flower and center). I hope these help you create beautiful flowers for all your upcoming floral needs!!

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Louise guessed it!

The subject of my last two posts, that is. This is only the fourth basket I have made, all of them have been similar to this one, but this is the first that actually ended up the shape I intended. The others have round or rectangular bottoms, and oval tops.

*~* I have listed this under my tutorials, but it is really not a step-by-step for beginners type of tutorial. It is more of a visual aid and reminders for someone who has the base knowledge and is just looking for a bit of a nudge along. *~*


The boxes were full of reeds and other basketry supplies. All from a wonderful shop in Pennsylvania.

After a bit of a soak in the tub, I transferred some of the reed to a bin in the living room, next to my towel-covered coffee table. Not really sure why I tossed the handle in there, it doesn’t get shaped. There isn’t always a good reason for many of the things I do…

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