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Chirp Chirp – My new tool!!

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Cricut - My new tool! This is going to be fun.
Guess what? I got a new tool last week. I met the awesome Melissa from Cricut at SNAP and she sent me a happy little blogger gift to share some new fun projects with you.


This sure is a step up from my 10 year old original Cricut. That’s right, I have the first Cricut. I call it my Cricut 1.0, and 10 years later, I still love it. However, this one is SO much more advanced, not to mention the 12 by 12 cutting mat as opposed to the 12 x 6 of my Cricut 1.0.


I now have all sorts of fun things to cut: Vinal, Foil, Iron On…


Printable Vinal, and of course Card Stock!


I even have 2 cool sets of Cricut sunglasses! How fun is that?!


I loved getting everything all tucked in and organized in my new Cricut Explore Air.

Isn’t it pretty? This week I’m going to tear into that “Start Here” packet and learn all about my new and awesome tool! I can’t wait!

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