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Circle Pouch – free knit pattern modern or medieval!

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I’ve wanted to design and make a knit circle pouch for quite some time, but the right yarn never came along. I wanted something that would work when I went to Medieval reenactment events with my knight in shining armor, aka my husband Doug, so I needed a yarn that looked like it fit into the time period, but also a yarn that I liked and that would hold up to the stress of being a belt bag. I found that yarn with Kraemer Belfast Linen Blend yarn!

Circle Pouch
Knit Pattern
Intermediate Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

9″ from center bottom to top opening.

Kraemer Belfast – 42% Cotton / 22% Linen / 20%Viscose / 11% Acrylic / 5% silk – DK weight: Loch #Y2103 68 g/150 yds used

US-5, 3.75mm – 5 double points or long circulars, and 12-16″ circulars

23 sts x 29 rows = 4” [10 cm] in stockinette stitch

Other supplies:
yarn needle
one stitch marker
optional: crochet hook to make chain for string

Stitches and Abbreviations:
k – knit
m1 – make 1 (increase in your method of choice that does not leave a hole)
p – purl
sp(s) – space(s)
st(s) – stitch(es)
yo – yarn over

Getting Started:
In order to save on bulk, this pouch is not a full circle, as may have been seen in Medieval times. It is instead a large circle with straight sides that are gathered with tie strings at the top.

Cast on 16 over 4 double point needles, or on long circulars for magic loop method, leave a long tail for finishing. continue working on doubles or in magic loop until piece is big enough to switch to shorter circulars. Use marker to mark the round end.
Rnd 1 and all odd rows: K all.
Rnd 2: (K2, M1) 8 times. – {24 sts}
Rnd 4: (K3, M1) 8 times. – {32 sts}
Rnd 6: (K4, M1) 8 times. – {40 sts}
Rnd 8: (K5, M1) 8 times. – {48 sts}
Rnd 10: (K6, M1) 8 times. – {56 sts}
Rnd 12: (K7, M1) 8 times. – {64 sts}
Rnd 14: (K8, M1) 8 times. – {72 sts}
Rnd 16: (K9, M1) 8 times. – {80 sts}
Rnd 18: (K10, M1) 8 times. – {88 sts}
Rnd 20: (K11, M1) 8 times. – {96 sts}
Rnd 22: (K12, M1) 8 times. – {104 sts}
Rnd 24: (K13, M1) 8 times. – {112 sts}
Rnd 26: (K14, M1) 8 times. – {120 sts}
Rnd 28: (K15, M1) 8 times. – {128 sts}
Rnds 29-59: K all.
Rnd 60: (K2tog, yo, K2) around.
Rnds 61-64: K all.
Bind off all sts.

Use end from cast on to sew opening shut, weave in ends.

Tie Strings (make 2): Make i-cord, a crochet chain, a braid, or make cord in some other manner of your choosing. Make 2, each 28″ long. weave them through the eyelets in row 60, opposite of each other so that they tie on opposite ends.Tie the ends and pull to close the bag, pull the bag to open it. Use the tie strings to hang the bag from a belt or wrist.

Use or give and enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Circle Pouch – free knit pattern modern or medieval!”

  1. How timely! I was just trying to find a pattern like this that I could whip together in different colours so I always have a matching bag. Thank you!

  2. Great bag! Made one to tote slippers and hair bobs for my granddaughter’s ballet class. One question: where’s the pattern for the fabulous purple capelette shown with the black floral skirt. Wow! I would make it just for me!!


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