My, I have been going like the Energizer Bunny since I got home! So much to do. This transition into professional publishing of my patterns is fun, and lots of work.

I have more snaps for you. Some of the show, some of my loot from the show, and some family photos I keep forgetting to share!


This lovely lady is Margaret. She is tons of fun, and very nice. I was so excited to see she had sent me a friend request on Facebook the other day! I love connecting with other creative types. Her fun “smoking cap” is part of an incredible online group project.


A group of talented hookers from the Ravelry group Cyber Crochet found an old book (from 1891) called HOME WORK A Choice Collection of Useful Designs for the Crochet and Knitting Needles, and they have been working together to make samples of all the crochet projects/stitch patterns in the book, and editing them with modern instructions. It is quite a spectacular feat!





The shawl below is made of many of the motifs found within the book


Here is all my loot from the show, on my work table in the basement. I have been cleaning, organizing, and redecorating like mad down there. When it is all done, I will share snaps!


Here is the free yarn I brought home. Some of it was used to make swatches in one of my classes.


Here are some of the yarnie tools I received.


And some magazines and disks.


I got a little happy at the Red Heart booth. Look at the pretty yarn ~ how could you resist?


Of course I had to take a close up of my pretty ribbon!


And the back.


Have you seen the new Heartland Yarn by Lion Brand? It is so pretty (I seem to be using that word a lot today)! And soft! And look at the colors!! I think I may be a bit obsessed.


I did tell you I had some family photos for you as well. The weekend before the show was our town wide garage sale. We spent about 3 hours going around to the sales. We found some nice loot, and had a wonderful family day.


We also took a trip to get some new sneakers for the littles. I picked up a pair of ankle boots as well, as I needed a nice and comfortable pair of shoes for the show.


I love the shoes the girls picked! So very them.


Kyla is VERY fond of her grandpa. Though he may be across the world, she still gets to chat with him on the phone. She is always so very happy to hear his voice!


On Monday I took a trip to Trader Joes, and bought a Choczilla Nut Pie. When I picked up the girls from school it was pouring down rain!! Even though I drove, we were drenched by the time we got home. So pie and Mexican hot chocolate with marshmallows seemed in order.


One last snap. I made my monthly trip to the wholesale store the other day. Look what you can buy there:


Well, it’s time for me to call it a night. Have a lovely weekend, my friends.


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  1. I cannot believe that they give a sample of their yarns and other items. I wish that they would do a convention in our area. I am glad that you enjoyed your self and learned you things

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