I started writing a post for you when I got home on Sunday. It was supposed to be about some of the fun times I had at the show, but it rambled into something else. Instead of “fixing” it, here it is with some pictures added in for fun. I will still write a post or two more about some of my adventures last week, and about some of the amazing people I met.

One of the wonderful new friends I made at the show.

Well, I am home. What a trip. I’m not sure at what point my head will stop spinning from the awesomeness of it all!

Meet Margaret, and her cool cap. More on that cap and the amazing project it was part of, in a future post.

I already shared about Tuesday and Wednesday with you, and just a bit about Thursday. Thursday, wow, Thursday, the day my life changed. I really never thought that the blanket I made for Kyla, the one that has been used for constructing numerous blanket forts, and for comforting Kyla when she isn’t feeling well, the one I keep meaning to write a pattern for, could change everything. But it has.

CGOA booth!!

I had a plan to learn how to approach magazines and yarn companies on this trip. I wanted to learn what I needed to know, so that I could properly prepare myself and then start pitching ideas, and requesting yarn support. Suddenly, that blanket has caused me to skip the whole getting~prepared~part, and tossed me right into the talking~to~everyone~part. It has been very crazy and very fun.

Some of the design contest entries. The black skirt with octagons is one of mine.

I guess sometimes life has it’s own schedule, and you just have to roll with it. I have been consistently happily surprised with how easy everyone is to talk to. I understand the yarn company/designer or publication company/designer relationship should be a symbiotic one, that neither can thrive without the other, but I was still so very pleased to see those companies seeming to understand the same thing.

More entries. The white with zig~zag skirt is mine, and the ombre sweater next to it is Lorene’s.

I have met many wonderful, kind, fun people in my various adventures throughout my life, but I have to say, this industry, the crochet industry, holds the highest percent of those amazing individuals of any industry or profession I have been a part of. I really think every single person I met, be they new or veteran, unknown or famous, crocheter, designer, editor, or yarnie ~ every single one ~ was kind, friendly, and just plain excellent.

More design entries.
Still more entries.
Some of the winners!
My Octie blanket with it’s ribbon!
I took a class from Margaret Hubert and she baked us granny square cookies. It was amazing!! (The class and the cookie)
Doris Chan looking especially adorable with her sonic screwdriver.
Doris and me. (and the sonic screwdriver)
Doris and Lorene. (and the sonic screwdriver)
Lorene and I with Mikey and Diva Dan (The Crochet Crowd), having a bit of fun at the CGOA fun night.
Crochet and Star Trek ~ two of my favorite things! I’m glad Susan had that phaser on stun!

Be excellent to each other, my friends.


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    • Thanks! I have heard about some event in the UK called Yarndale. I thought that was similar, but I’m not sure. Do you know?

      • Hi Jessie, Yes we do have Yarndale & we also have the Knitting & Stitching show. Although I haven’t been able to attend either, from what I have heard on Twitter & read online it’s more “knit” orientated. Crochet isn’t as bit as Knitting is here as in the US (sadly) but hey – Crochet Rules as far as I am concerned. :0) Ali

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