I promise I will share more pictures and write more when I get home, but for now I am just sharing some highlights of the day.

We had nothing officially on the schedule until 6pm. Lorene dropped me at the show in the morning, and she spent the day visiting her family, then came back at 5:30ish. I spent the day just sitting in the knit and crochet lounge making friends. Boy did I make friends. I meet some wonderful people, including some I recognized from their amazing work.

I also got TONS of great advice. This trip is defiantly paying for itself, and my first class isn’t even until tomorrow!


I did manage to get the Katherine coat to a wearable state before the show. It still needs pockets and a belt. Then I need to do a few edits to the pattern, and send it to my testers. Then I will be able to release it. So for those of you waiting, it could be another 4 to 6 months, depending on how long it takes with the testers, and on how many errors they find!


There are these awesome twins I keep running into. I had to get a picture with them and their fabulous bags! *I’m beginning to think this show is being brought to you by the word “fabulous”.* I have called my twins thing 1 and thing 2 since I was pregnant with them, so I obviously needed this snap.


This evening was a CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) meeting, followed by the announcement of the winners of the design contest. I entered 2 skirts in the fashion category, and a blanket in the blanket/afghan category. Look at the blanket that won first place, isn’t it amazing?! I forget the number of beads the designer used, but all those dots are beads. You should see it up close. This picture is only about a quarter of the blanket. It is just breathtaking.


See the blanket on the chair below? That is the second place winner. It’s name is Octie. Look a bit familiar? That is because you may have noticed it in pictures of blanket forts in my living room. That’s right, I managed to convince Kyla to let me borrow her blanket last month and shipped it off to Doris Chan for the design competition. Kyla was so excited that her blanket won second place! So was her mommy. So was Doris, she gave me a huge hug after the winners were announced. I am still a bit shocked by it all.


That impossibly beautiful dress hanging above my blanket won the grand prize. It was just…wow.


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