Wow, my head is spinning. What a day!

I just opened my fortune cookie from the Chinese delivery I had for dinner. It says “You will be successful through innovation and determination.” I think my cookie may be on to something.

I will try to give a short(ish) tale of the last 2 days for you. I am rather tired, and it is getting late.

After school, Doug and the girls dropped me at the airport. I felt the need to take the obligatory snap of the tourist merchandise.


I realized I forgot to buy Dramamine, so I had to go to the tourist trap shop to buy some. The lady who was working at the shop was just too wonderful for words. Not only did she have a friendly and fun personality, but she was wearing some pretty awesome jewelry. Look at Sandra, isn’t she just spectacular?!


Upon boarding my plane, I discovered that I was on the second smallest plane I have ever been on. Don’t ask about the smallest. Just. Don’t.


I arrived at the Charlotte airport just after 9pm. It was a ghost town.


Then, it was finally time for the moment I have been waiting for; I finally got to meet Lorene in person!!! (that is her uber~cool uncle in the background)


It only gets better  from here.

This morning Lorene and I arrived at the show at 8am for the Crochet Professional Development Day. There was about an hour of mingling before things got started. Lorene saw Mikey from the Crochet Crowd, and introduced herself.  I found Amy from Crochetville, at about the same moment as she found me, and there was a big hug. Then another for the other co~owner of Crochetville, Donna. The five of us  (Donna, Amy, Mikey, Lorene, and I) all found a table in the front, deemed it the “cool table” and sat down. Here is a snap of Donna ~ or Hot Donna as Mikey has renamed her ~ and Mikey.


There was much silliness at the cool table. This is Mikey’s surprised face.


Our first speaker was Melissa Leapman. I think I was planning on taking pictures of all the speakers, but there was yarn and hooks on the tables with a call to make squares for a charity (oh, my, I wish I could remember the name) so my hands got a bit busy. I was really loving taking in all the wisdom, as well!


We had a few breaks throughout the day, at one point I managed to get in a snap with Donna and Mikey. (Mikey thinks I am fabulous, by the way)


One of my FAVORITE speakers of the night was Lily Chin. Oh, my, talk about fabulous!! I would love to just hang out with her. She is tons of fun, and so very wise.


Everyone kept busy at the tables. Lots of hooking and listening. Donna, Amy and Mikey were all busy creating away! Amy is determined to finish her Debonnet Poncho in time to wear it for at least one day of the show.


I made several square, and also worked a bit on another project I have going.


Jack Blumanthal of Lion Brand yarn gave a nice presentation and showed off some fun new yarns! I had met him several times years ago when I was creating the samples and displays for AC Moore in Seacacus, NJ. It was nice to see him again.


I also really loved the presentation about social media by Amy Shelton (yes, from the cool table.) She had some great advice, including “Don’t be a jerk.” I really adore Amy.


There were MANY raffle drawings throughout the day. Amy, Donna, and I kept winning. But nothing for Lorene or Mikey. During the last round of drawings, Lorene started pouting, so I snapped a photo.


No sooner had the flash…flashed, then Lorene won this:


As you can see, there was a bit of creativity going on at the cool table.

OK, there was creativity going on at all the tables.

OK, and I’m pretty sure all the tables were cool, as well.

We were just a bit cooler.


After the Professional Development day, there was a social hosted by Crochetville. Don’t they have fun crowns?


After the social, the cool table went up to Mikey’s room to film a special episode of Cre8tion Crochet Live (more on that in a bit.) Lorene couldn’t resist Mikey’s hat.


Here is a snap of all the swag I got today! The 2 CD-ROMs and the pink hook case were raffle prizes, the rest were free goodie bags!


When I got back to my hotel, Brenda, the evening concierge, was excited to show me her blanket. We had chatted a bit last night, and when she found out why I was in town she couldn’t wait to show me what she had made. Isn’t it just wonderful how yarn strings us all together. You never know when it will guide you to a new friend.


OK, I spoke of the special episode of Cre8tion Crochet. Well, here it is. If you are wondering what we are all laughing at after Lorene asks Donna what happened to her crown, Donna answered “Well, Amy has this really big head…”

It only gets crazier.


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