Crochet market bags are so handy! I really enjoy a nice morning at the farmers market filling my market bag with fresh produce. More people are trying to be ecologically responsible, so these market bags make awesome gifts. They’re also great for the beach.

Farmers Market Bags free crochet pattern round up by Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links to seven free crochet market bag patterns.

1) Farmers Market Hexagon Bag by Jessie At Home
“The town farmers market is finally open for the season! I LOVE going to the farmers market, and I also love using re-usable bags.”

2) Lakers Crochet Market Tote Bag by Loopingly Made
“The Lakers Crochet Market Tote Bag is obviously named after the Los Angeles basketball team. However, I did not set out to design a bag with their colours nor even name it after them.”

3) Meet Me at the Market Crochet Grocery Bag by Stitching Together
“Get started making one today and get ready for spring and all the farmers markets!”

4) Pentagonal Mesh Market Bag by Salty Pearl Crochet
“I wanted something easy to crochet that didn’t take a ton of yarn, but could come with me to the beach, the farmer’s market, or even just the park.”

5) Strawberry Lemonade Crochet Tote Bag by A Crocheted Simplicity
“Now it’s time to share the Strawberry Lemonade Crochet Tote Bag with you.”

6) Perfect Day Market Tote by Moogly
“The Perfect Day Market Tote was inspired by all my trips to the local farmer’s market this season – the start to a perfect summer day! But you don’t have to take it to the market – it’s handy wherever you go.”

7) Vegetable Market Bag by Winding Road Crochet
“The Vegetable Market Bag is an easy to crochet cotton market bag with the new Carrot Stitch worked into the base.”

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