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I thought I would take it upon myself to provide you with your “cute fix” for this evening. Possibly even enough for a whole week, or more. I may be biased, but there is some awfully cute stuff coming up!


Over the girl’s break, after going to the laundromat  we took a trip to the grocery store. The one that gives free balloons to kiddies. I clipped Kyla’s to her hat tie. She was very amused.


The other day, Kyla made herself a dress out of her blanket.


There was much dancing…


…and bowing.


Sometimes the girls just want to be in pictures!


‘Cuz they are a bit crazy.


OK a lot crazy.


Over the break Vada and Doug worked together on her little report on wolves. The day she gave the report she brought Daddy’s wolfie with her.


She’s showing off her “I’m the boss” face.


It makes me so happy that Kyla loves her skirt I made her for Christmas! I have yet to release this pattern. I think I may see if I can find one or two testers for the adult sizes, and then release it.


She sure does love to spin!!!


Last week, the Daisies had their Investiture Ceremony, when they “officially” become Girl Scouts. It was lots of fun!

After investiture

I’ve been playing with the photo tricks so I’m not posting photos of other people’s kids all over my blog. Here are the girls after the ceremony.


On Saturday, we were in the St Patrick’s Day Parade with the Daisies.


It actually snowed a bit. My, oh, my.


The parade was fun, but tiring!

Let me leave you with a few cute videos.

First we have Vada telling you everything she knows about wolves.

Here is Kyla imitating some rather mixed up animals.

And lastly, Kyla’s Spidergirl story.


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