I really need to take a cue from my daughters.


I am working on the duck~row~thing. I just also have the short~attention~span~girl thing. And the busy~mommy thing. And the so~many~things~so~little~time thing…


Yup, still testing / working on this never~ending pattern. The pattern is great, it’s just that I am making it for sizes baby to 5x adult, and fingering to chunky weight yarn. So it is 5 patterns (one for each yarn) each with 10ish sizes. Yup, lots of testing needed. I could still use a few more testers. Here are the details on that.


Here is a crochet version I made for my mannequin.


Vada’s knit version.


Kyla’s crochet. Have I shared these with you already? My brain is fuzzy…


Here is a skirt I made for Kyla about a year ago that I want to make a pattern for in the next few months.


This is Vada’s. Same deal.


Here’s a bit of a sneak peak at what I hope to start testing by next week. This is just the tiniest part.


Testing the Faerie Coat Pattern. I have a tester for 3/4, I am testing 5/6 for Vada (Kyla’s was done months ago), and I could use a tester for 7~9 and 10~12. It’s starting to look like I will be testing those myself, which means the 7~9 may be gifted to my niece, but the 10~12 would most likely end up in my Etsy store, for about $1200.00, considering the amount of time they take to make.

There you have it. I hope your lives are a little more “in a row” then mine! Though it is always interesting this way.

Have a great week, my friends.

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