Crochet toys are just awesome. They’re soft and squishy and can be personalized to favorite colors and styles. Crochet toys make wonderful gifts. Here are 7 free crochet patterns for toys that you can make.

Crochet Toys free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern.

1) Seahorse Teether by Stitches ‘N’ Scraps
“This sweet seahorse teether is a cuddly new friend for your baby, with a teething ring wrapped up in its tail. It’s made in Red Heart Baby Hugs yarn, which I received free from Red Heart for this design. It has the soft texture and bright colors that babies love.”

2) Spike the Sloth by Winding Road Crochet
“Spike the Sloth is soft, plush, adorable and perfectly sized for a young child’s hugging buddy. I seriously smile every time I see this little sloth with his big blue eyes. More importantly, he makes my son smile.”

3) Sheep Sensory Ball by Sweet Potato Crochet Creations
“Babies are always learning and exploring. Having a 9 month old at home, we have tons of toys for her to play with, but her favorites are the ones that make noise and ones that she can grab and pick up easily. Thinking of her, I thought a sensory ball would be perfect!”

4) Bruno the Bear by Blackstone Designs
“I’m thrilled to present the first toy pattern in this Crochet Charity Drive event! At the end of this pattern you will find a list of the other bloggers and when you can get their pattern.”

5) Pi & Pippi the Octopi by EyeLoveKnots
“Last week I received a custom order in my EyeLoveKnots Etsy shop for a small Octopus plush. The order included a basic photo of one that she already had at home, and a few basic measurements. I pulled some yarn out of my stash, and got to work”

6) Monster Hug Lovie By Jessie At Home
“Sometimes we all need a hug! This little Monster Hug Lovie features an adorable little monster attached to a small octagonal blanket, and is perfect for little arms to hug and love. You can embroider on any sort of expression you like.”

7) Dinosaur Softie by 5 Little Monsters
“One thing that I don’t think many people know about me is that as a kid I loved dinosaurs. I have a picture of, I think, my 6th birthday with a dinosaur birthday cake, I had dinosaur curtains in my bedroom, lots of dinosaur books, and my favorite stuffed animals were dinosaurs.”

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