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Llama Coffee Table Cover – Sublimation is fun!

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This Llama Coffee Table Cover has some of its Llamas colored in using Artesprix sublimation markers in order to create a cute accent.

Llama Coffee Table Cover Artesprix Sublimation Tutorial - Social

Some products used in this tutorial were provided by Artesprix and Cricut. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been having so much fun using my Artesprix sublimation markers and I had to try them out to color in images on fabric. I found several awesome polyester prints that would work, including this Southwestern Llama print. My coffee table where I work in the evenings was in need of a tablecloth, so I had the perfect place for the Llamas to play!

Llama Coffee Table Cover Artesprix Sublimation Tutorial - Pin 1

Llama Coffee Table Cover Supplies

Gather Supplies

Llama Coffee Table Cover Video Tutorial

If you can’t see this video, than try watching it on YouTube HERE.

Llama Coffee Table Cover Sublimation

First, you’ll need to prewash your fabric. Once it’s been washed and dried, use the copier to copy any parts you want to color in. Most fabrics have a repeat, so you can copy a section once and then print it out multiple times for repeats.

Now it’s time to color with your Artesprix sublimation markers! Remember the color on the cap of the markers is the actual color. What shows up on the paper is usually a bit different then the final color. Color the copy on the back of the paper so you’re coloring the reverse of the image. I found that the image showed through the paper just fine, but if you can’t see the image on the reverse side of your paper, try a lightbox.

Once you’re done coloring, it’s time to sublimate! Place a piece of protective paper down on your pressing surface. Then place the fabric on top of the paper, right side up. Run a lint roller over the section of fabric you’re working with, then preheat it for 15 seconds.

Place the colored image, color side down, on the fabric. Line everything up as best you can.

I found that I sometimes had to cut apart images with multiple areas colored. You can see in the image below how I cut the paper between the colored blanket and the colored ears and nose. Finally tape the paper down with heat tape, taking care not to cover any of the colored section with tape.

Tape Colored Image Down

Place another sheet of protective paper on top of your image. Time to press! I used my Cricut EasyPress at 400° for 60 seconds. Once it’s cool enough, carefully peal up a corner to see if the color fully transferred. Re-press if needed.

Cover with Protective Paper

Different fabrics may require different times and temps, so you may have to do some experimenting on scrap fabric to find the right combo. I always suggest starting by finding the suggested time and temp for whichever Artesprix blank seems closet to what you’re using, then adjusting from there.

Cute Little Llama

Now keep on adding color to various sections of your fabric. You get to decide how much or little you want to color in. Make it your own!

Getting There

Sewing Instructions

Once I finished I got to making my coffee table cover. My coffee table was covered with water damage, so it was really rough. This meant I needed a little bit of padding.

Look at all the Fun Llamas

I measured out my table top and cut a rectangle the same size as my table top out of felt. It turned out my felt wasn’t quite long enough, so I had to piece several inches on one end. Felt is so easy to work with. I just butted the 2 pieces against each other, then sewed a wide zig-zag stitch across the seam.

Attach Felt Padding

Next center the felt on the wrong side of the fabric, pin it down, and zig-zag around the felt. Extend the lines of the felt lining to the edge of the fabric making squares in the corners, as seen below. Sew the 2 sides of each square that were just drawn together, with right sides facing. This will pinch the corners of the hanging section of the coffee table cover. Hem the bottom by folding it up 1/4″ and pressing, then folding up again 1/2″ and pressing, and then sew.

Coffee Table Cover Schematic

Now toss it on your table and enjoy!

Llama Table Cover Overhead

I LOVE my new llama coffee table cover. It’s pretty and functional. The padding fixes the rough and bumpy issues from the table tap in addition to creating a nice feel. Plus, it’s polyester so it’s easy to wash, which is always a bonus!

Llama Table All Done

Here are some other fabrics I found that I think would be fun to sublimate.

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Llama Coffee Table Cover - Sublimation is fun!Llama Coffee Table Cover - Sublimation is fun!Llama Coffee Table Cover - Sublimation is fun!

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