I bought this Magnetic Mini Tile Art kit for the girls. They each made 5 tiles for Christmas presents. I found the kit for about $11 on Amazon, so it was really a great deal! We really liked that the girls could design their own tiles to make them personalized.

Magnetic Mini Tile Art review from Jessie At Home

The kit comes with 10 tiles, a magnet sheet with 10 pre-cut sticky-back squares to go on the back of the magnets, 6 colors of paint, and a paint brush. All you need to provide yourself is a pencil.

Magnetic Mini Tile Art supplies

To start, the girls drew their designs on the tiles in pencil. The tiles are each about 1.5″ square, so they are fairly small. You could also use sharpies to draw on the tiles.

Magnetic Mini Tile Art - Kyla Drawing

Next they painted the tiles. They let them dry for an hour or so, and then added some finishing touches with a fine tip sharpie. You could also glue on sequins, rhinestones, and various other embellishments.

Magnetic Mini Tile Art - Vada painting

Once they were all dry, we stuck the magnets on the backs and that was it. It was a great rainy afternoon project, and now we have some Christmas presents made. The girls enjoyed making special tiles for some of the special people in their lives.

I think this is a great kit at a reasonable price. The brush could have been better, but that is pretty much always the case with kits like this. It was hard to make fine lines, so if you want to make fine lines I would suggest either finding a better fine-point brush, or using fine-point sharpies.

Magnetic Mini Tile Art - all done

You can find the kit on Amazon, HERE. Enjoy!!

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