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My crazy shopping trip

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So I had an interesting grocery shopping trip this morning. I had my 19 month old twins in one of those 2 baby carts. The kind that is a regular shopping cart with an addition on the handle end that is like a plastic tower with seats on either side. The seats are cut out of the corner with a 5 point harness strap seat belt. The babies face away from you and their outer arms and legs are free to swing, not like in one of those cars with the doors that close. Anyway, I was in the 3rd checkout lane, which was shared with the 2nd and divided by a metal rail with legs every 4 feet or so. I was standing in front of the cart to put all my groceries on the belt and once they were all on I had to walk around to register 1 to get to the other side of my cart so I could push it through. It was such a tight fit I couldn’t get around the cart, there was only 1or 2 inches of clearance. I went to push my cart through and decided it was too tight a fit and I would not be able to keep both sets of arms and legs in and away from being smashed as the cart squeezed through. The cashier was ringing up my large stack of coupons and I said “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to back up and push the cart by register 1, it’s just to tight a fit here and I don’t want to loose any arms or legs.” The bagger, a very large woman, grabbed the other end of my cart and started pulling it through, I grabbed arms and legs as quickly as I could and tried to stop her, but it happened so fast and she was very strong. I though I got everyone in, but Vada’s leg got squished by one of the legs of the divider. She started crying and the cashier at register 2 said her leg got caught. At this point we were all the way through. As I went to see if Vada’s leg was OK, I heard the cashier call for a manager to register 3. On inspection her leg looked fine, but she was still crying and I’m not a doctor. I looked at the bagger and she was just standing there with no emotion. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t concerned. I calmly said something like “you are so close to getting hit right now. ” In order to keep myself from doing just that I calmly said “you need to get out of my site.” She didn’t budge or show any emotion. This all happened very fast, I was still shakily unstrapping Vada. I stopped for a moment, looked straight at the bagger and screamed “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!” I’m sure the entire store heard, and it was a large store. She ran. I got Vada out and stood her on the floor and asked her to walk to me. She stopped crying and walked to me just fine. I picked her up and held her for a moment and cried from relief. Not sobbing drama, just a small cry for a minute or two. She didn’t want to go back in the seat so I put her in the main part of the cart. I went back to the cashier to pay for my groceries. I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to yell at her, but she could have seriously hurt my babies and I didn’t know what I would do if she stayed.” The cashier told me I didn’t do anything wrong. I looked up and saw the cashier in 4 say “she didn’t yell, she screamed.” I was shocked this woman was upset with me for screaming at the bagger. Every maternal instinct in me told me to deck the bagger, but I didn’t. I looked at my accuser and said “I asked her calmly to leave, but she didn’t, so then I screamed at her to get her to leave.” I paid and the manager was at the end of the register aisle. She asked if I wanted to fill out a report. I said no because the babies were fine, but that someone needed to talk to that bagger and make sure she didn’t endanger anyone else’s children. She said she had every intention of having a long talk with her. I apologized again for screaming, and pointed out I was just so upset about what she did that I needed her to leave. The manager seemed to understand.

Now I just feel like when I go to that store every Tuesday morning I will be the crazy lady who screamed at the bagger. I don’t think I overreacted, I was just being a protective mom. If I had been a lioness that bitch would have been lunch.

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