Happy National Crochet Month!!!

To celebrate, here is a coupon for 30% your entire purchase in my Ravelry store. It expires at the end of Sunday 3/15/2015 Eastern Time.

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For NatCroMo, I am determined to get all the updates to my old patterns and post complete. I still have a lot of clean up to do from when I revamped my blog at the start of the year. I will complete it!! Then I will get back to including one or two WiP posts and general what~I’m~up~to posts each week as well. There will also be some fun announcements later this year. 😉

In the meantime, if you want a little trivia about me, check out this post over at Crochetville!


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2 Comments on NatCroMo 2015

  1. Hi Jessie, I wanted you to know that I love your site. Your crochet patters are awesome. This may be too much to ask but I’m going to ask you anyway. Is there any chance at all that you could make a crochet version of the Moonstruck Cowl? If you could that would be so nice, if not, I can understand because I know you must be a very busy lady. Anyway, thanks!

    • Thank you! I will think about it. It shouldn’t be too hard to do, so I will put it on my design ideas list for fall patterns. 🙂

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