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Needlepoint Fun with Design Works – Cat Trio by Laurel Burch

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Needlepoint fun today! Needlepoint on plastic canvas is a great way to get into needlepoint, and it’s easy and relaxing. I just love watching my creations come to life. If you want to start out, or if you just don’t want to design your own, kits are an awesome way to go.

Needlepoint Fun with Design Works - Jessie At Home

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I had forgotten how much I enjoy plastic canvas needlepoint until I started making this kit. It really is so relaxing. I opened up the kit and everything I needed was right there. All I had to grab from my supplies was a pair of snips.

First I like to separate out the colors and make them each into a bundle. Then I just start at a corner and go! For this bit of needlepoint fun starting at the corner was a really good idea because the image fit exactly into the rectangle of plastic canvas that came with the kit. So I wanted to make sure I got the image placed correctly.

Needlepoint Fun with Design Works - Jessie At Home - Cat Trio

The symbols on the paper chart were all easy to read, and the directions were clear. I spent about a week just stitching away in the evenings watching movies and chatting with my husband. There’s just something so peaceful about that.

Design Works has many plastic canvas options if you’re looking for some needlepoint fun for yourself. They also have needlepoint on fabric backgrounds, and plenty of other embroidery, cross stitch, and felt craft awesomeness!

If you’re looking for a creative way to unwind at the end of the day, a craft for someone who wants to get into fiber arts, something to do on your commute, or a craft for someone in recovery, needlepoint fun is for you. Really, there are plenty of other times it’s for you as well. Needlepoint is…well…fun!


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Needlepoint Fun with Design Works - Cat Trio by Laurel Burch

2 thoughts on “Needlepoint Fun with Design Works – Cat Trio by Laurel Burch”

  1. I went to the Amazon link for Design Works but there was no link for the design you showed. I went to Design Works online and found yours and several similar designs but they don’t sell to the public. Very disappointing. Is there a way you can link to Design Works to allow access for your subscribers?

    • I can’t order from them either. They just send me products to review sometimes. This design may be available in your local craft store under design works or janlynn.


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