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Origami Crane

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The Origami Crane a favorite piece of origami for all, me included. The Origami Crane is a slightly challenging piece, but take your time, line up your folds neatly and it will turn out great! Here are step by step instructions to help you succeed.

Origami Crane from Jessie At Home

Many believe if you fold 1000 cranes you will get a wish. Personally, I love to fold them from everything I can! I have been known to fold them from cloth napkins at restaurants, programs at events, and little bits of scrap paper. They are just so fun to make, the Origami Crane a favorite piece of origami for you too?

Start the Crane with the Bird Base. The split section should be pointing down as shown.

Origami Crane Step 1

Fold in the top layer of the bottom half to the center as shown.

Origami Crane Step 2

Flip over and repeat last step.

Origami Crane Step 3

Fold the two bottom points up as shown and crease and unfold.

Origami Crane Step 4

Inside reverse fold along the creases just made.

Origami Crane Step 5

Inside reverse fold again to make the head.

Origami Crane Step 6

This is one stopping point for the Crane.

Origami Crane Step 7

Optional: gently pull the wings open and push down the inside point to make a little box top and make the Crane more dimensional.

Origami Crane Complete

Find more Origami creations at:

Or if you’re not up to folding your own and happen to be visiting a Shrine
in Japan you might find one to your liking there!

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