The Origami Bird Base is the start of various Origami Patterns such as the Crane and the Iris. You will find the written and pictorial pattern for the Origami Bird Base below.

Origami has been one of my hobbies since I was 8 years old. Many Origami Patterns start with an Origami Base: a folded form that starts a piece. This is one such base. You can find more Origami Base Tutorials for here:

Origami Bird Base Tutorial by Jessie At Home

Be sure to crease well after each fold.

Start the origami bird base pattern with the Square Base.

Square Base Done

With the open point at the bottom, fold the bottom left side to the center fold line, crease, and unfold.

Bird Base Step 1

Repeat last step with bottom right side.

Bird Base Step 2

Fold the top down level with the tops of the two fold lines just made, crease and unfold.

Bird Base Step 3

Lift the top layer from the bottom up and fold along pre-made creases, crease.

Bird Base Step 4
Bird Base Step 5

Turn over

Bird Base Step 6

Repeat on other side.

Bird Base Step 7
Bird Base Step 8
Bird Base Step 9
Bird Base Complete

Find more Origami Bases at:

Here are Origami Patterns that can be made with the Origami Bird Base.


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