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Origami Little Bird – try placing them in your houseplants

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The Origami Little Bird is just so sweet. Make them in a variety of colors and place them in your houseplants for a little whimsy! Try making them in various sizes to create a whole little family.

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The Origami Little Bird looks best when made with paper that is a different color or pattern on both sides. Be sure to crease well after each fold.

Start by folding the paper in half diagonally.

Origami Little Bird Step 1Pin

Open the paper and then fold 2 adjoining sides in to the center fold line.

Origami Little Bird Step 2Pin

Turn over and fold the flap down at the points.

Origami Little Bird Step 3Pin

Turn over and fold the two corners in to the center line.

Origami Little Bird Step 4Pin

Open the 2 corners back up.

Origami Little Bird Step 5Pin

Push the corners inside and fold along creased lines as shown.

Origami Little Bird Step 6Pin

Fold points back part way up.

Origami Little Bird Step 7Pin

Fold point up.

Origami Little Bird Step 8Pin

Fold point back done a small amount up from the last fold.

Origami Little Bird Step 9Pin

Fold in half.

Origami Little Bird Step 10Pin

Fold the front point inside to make beak.

Origami Little Bird Step 11Pin

Pull tail up to an angle and refold.

Origami Little Bird Step 12Pin

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2 thoughts on “Origami Little Bird – try placing them in your houseplants”

    • Do you mean it doesn’t look like a bird? Or is your houseplant so healthy that it’s hiding the bird? Maybe you should have a scavenger hunt. 🙂


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