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Patriotic Party CAL/KAL week 3

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Hello my friends! I have seen a lot of you over in the Facebook group for the Patriotic Party CAK/KAL, but not a lot of your pictures. I sure would LOVE to see what you have been creating ~ no more being shy, share away over there! 🙂

In that spirit, I have some sneak peak pictures of some patterns to come. Remember to keep checking the original CAL/KAL post for the list of all the patterns we are using. You pick and choose which ones work for you. There are a lot listed there already, so I’m sure you can keep yourself busy with those while I work on editing and getting better photographs of these patterns to be released later.


Here we have a crochet can/bottle cozy. It is so quick and simple to make, and if you change the size/order of the stripes, and make some in solid colors as well, you can make a set of them that are all a little different so they also work to help people identify which drink is theirs. You can also get a little creative and make little charms to pin onto the cozies for identification purposes.


After I posted the knit patriotic placemat, I had several people ask for a crochet version. I have come up with one using the linen stitch. I still need to write out the pattern and possible chart it as well, but above is a peak at what I came up with.

Don’t forget, I also added a new knit pattern to the KAL on Thursday. It’s a fun mitered knit coaster made in 2 ways, you choose which way you like the best!


If there are patterns you would like to see in this CAL/KAL, please leave some suggestions in the Facebook group. It can be something I don’t have at all yet, or something I have in crochet that you would like in knit, or vice versa.

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2 thoughts on “Patriotic Party CAL/KAL week 3”

  1. I LOVE the can cozies!! What a fun and easy way to get patriotic!! I definitely want to make a couple – headed over to the Facebook group right now 🙂


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