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Simple Crochet Chain Stitch Necklace

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If you can make a crochet chain, you can make this necklace! It is super simple, and tons of fun. This necklace is a great way for those just learning to make a finished item, it is a wonderful project for kids (what a great Mother’s Day gift!) and it is even fun for the more advanced. It also makes for great craft fair stock!

Simple Chain Stitch Necklace
Crochet Pattern
Beginner Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

This necklace can be made with one strand of yarn or many. If made with several strands of yarn and a large hook, it becomes a wonderful winter infinity scarf!

Any size you want

Any yarn you want

Whatever hook gives you the look you like with your yarn

Other Supplies:
Yarn needle
A 3” scrap of non~fuzzy yarn, or a stitch marker
Optional: scrap of fabric and needle and thread to make a fabric band around the necklace

Not important

Stitches and Skills used:
ch ~ chain

Here is a video showing how to make the necklace start to finish. In addition the video explains about making the necklace with different yarns, various uses, and how to match your yarn with the right size hook.

Getting Started:
Choose your yarn(s). Try making a chain that is about 6” long with the hook you think might be the right size. If your chain is too loose, switch to a smaller hook, if your chain is too tight, switch to a larger hook. Once you have found the hook that makes a chain you like, then get started!

Chain: Chain, chain some more, keep chaining. Make the chain until your piece can make a loop the size you want for your necklace. Basically, once you think it is the right length for one loop, hold the starting end and the end on your hook together and see what the length looks like. Try it on, or compare it to a necklace or cowl that is already the length you like.

Place a marker: If you have a marker, attach it now. If you do not, grab a scrap of yarn that is not fuzzy. Place the yarn against the hook and make a chain, catching the yarn as make the chain. This will mark the length of your loop.

Chain: Keep on making your chain. Once it is long enough to make 3 loops, take a look at it with the three loops and see if you like it. If you want more loops, keep going. Keep on looking at it each time you make enough for another loop until you like the number of loops you have. Clip the yarn and pull the end through.

Wrap and tie: Once your chain is the length needed for the number of loops that you like, lay the necklace down on a table, and tie the beginning and end together. Put your hands inside the necklace and stretch it a bit to even out the loops (unless you want them uneven, which I like on the longer winter scarves). Wrap each end of the yarn in opposite directions around the necklace and tie it tight to hold all the loops together.

Band: Cut a piece of yarn about 4 feet long. Thread a yarn needle on one end. Sew it through the bundle where you tied the loops together, leaving about a 2” tail. Now start wrapping around the loops, starting at least ½” away from the knot, working over the knot, and ending at least ½” away from the knot on the other side. Do not cut yarn, do not worry if some of the loops show through. Wrap the yarn around back in the other direction making a second layer. Make a third layer if you want. Sew the end of the wrapping yarn back and forth through the wrapped section. Clip all the ends of your yarn.

Give or wear and enjoy!


15 thoughts on “Simple Crochet Chain Stitch Necklace”

  1. Thank you for this pattern! I recently seen something like this on Pinterest but turns out it didn’t have a link. Excited to add it to my “to-do” =]

  2. I love simple projects like this for teaching! It’s great to be reminded every now and then that you can give a student a project that they can do in a short amount of time and come away with a piece they love and gain confidence from completing. Thank you!
    ~Katie Cottingham

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! My daughter found it on Pinterest and she and my granddaughter fell in love with it. I just made one for each of them, sent them a pic, and they can’t wait to see them in person! Great tutorial, good hints and suggestions, overall a wonderful project. I have been crocheting for just 8 months and just love it. After making several afghans this was so nice to have quick gratification!

    • They are all done the same way, just follow the pattern. The white one is just 3 white yarns held together, one or two of them were very fuzzy. Sorry, I do now know which yarns were used, as they were scraps from my stash.

    • I just held one point still and then grabbed half way around and twisted that point. another technique to make the twist stay is to make each chain strand on its own, twist them together, then join them. Then you put the wrap over the join to cover it.


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