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2014 Knit and Crochet Show, part 2 ~or~ our 3 weeks of crazy, part 2

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When I last left you, Andee and I had taken a moment for a mentor/mentee photo op just before the annual CGOA member meeting.


At the end of the member meeting, the winners of the 2014 CGOA Design Competition. Then we all adjourned to the marketplace for the pre~opening. We were able to walk around the marketplace, and see the display of all the design competition entries and winners. I took some photos, which I will share with you, but if you want to see some even better snaps, take a look here.

Here are several photos of the entries.





And here are photos of the winners.




My Fall Leaves Wrap earned first place in the Accessories category, sponsored by Webs. The pattern is available in my Ravelry store.


My Waterfall Necklace also earned an honorable mention ribbon in the same category. Below you can see some photos of the necklace being worn.


The pattern for this one will be published at a later date, I will give you details as soon as I am able.


The Grand Prize winner was stunning again this year!!


As I walked around the marketplace, I found it quite cool that there was a little ball winding station. That way if you bought some great yarn that needed winding, you could get to creating with it right away!


Red Heart had some new pretties to show off. A few new lines of yarn, and some new colors of some older lines as well. It was all so pretty!!


I just fell in love with the superhero sock kits from Yarn Holiday! I love that they found a way to represent these beloved characters without stepping on any copyrights/licenses.


The end of the Crochetville/Red Heart booth was also a designer signing station. It was decorated with lots of samples from the Red Heart Free Pattern collection. As you can see, my In Love With Color Throw was top center of the display. I was wondering if it would be at the show, but it was very exciting to see it featured like that!
The Holiday Chevron Throw at the right bottom corner of the picture is mine as well. You can find the pattern for the matching pillows on the Red Heart site.


This fun cake was one of the many cool crochet decorations made for the 20th anniversary of the CGOA.


The next few days were full of lots of classes and great times! Friday evening I had dinner with my 3 favorite ladies at the show, Tamara, Kim, and Andee. These ladies are like family to me, I love them dearly.

Later that night, I had gone to my room and was trying to finish the Baker’s Tee I needed to wear in the fashion show Saturday night, when my phone rang.


It was this crazy lot calling from the bar to tell me to grab my crocheting and come down to play. Who am I to say no to this group?


I have nothing to say about this.


Saturday afternoon Mom and the girls made their way up from Beverly, MA. The girls and I had promised to model in the fashion show for mainly crochet.


Early on in the evening, Vada learned a new trick from Grammie.


Most of the photos of the fashion show are rather blurry. Mom was taking them as I was backstage, and she really needs a new camera. Here we have Ellen Gormley (Editor for Crochet! Magazine), and Doris Chan, two more awesome ladies I truly adore!


A few days before the fashion show, Doris asked if the girls and I could model her Lotus Bolero, which she had made in all of the 10 sizes available in her pattern. It was fun to see them in so many sizes walking down the runway. (you can see more of them on models in the back of this snap)


Here are a few of the patterns I have designed for mainly crochet which should be up on the site sometime soon. The girls and I are wearing my falling blocks poncho, which will be available in both child and adult sizes. They are all made of Lion Brand Heartland yarn. In the back you can see another of my designs for mainly crochet. It is a large shawl made of Red Heart Reflective yarn. It is bright and fun and perfect for taking the littles out for Trick or Treat!


Finally it was time for our last pass, when the three of us got to wear designs of mine that I have self~published. Above you can see Kyla in her Emma Skirt, available on Ravelry in child small to adult 5x. She is also proudly showing off the scarf she made herself with the spool knitting kit Grammy and Grandpa gave her for Christmas.


Here we have Vada being extremely adorable in her Puff Stitch Halter Dress. The free pattern is available here on my blog.


Mom wasn’t able to get any good shots of the Waterfall Necklace, but she did get a decent one of Tammy wearing my Fall Leaves Wrap.


Tamara managed to grab a cute snap at the end of the evening. Vada was very tired. As you can see, I did finish the Baker’s Tee in time for the fashion show. This pattern is also available for free on my blog!


The girls were quite tuckered out at the end of the night. They did so wonderfully in the fashion show, and they we very well behaved at the banquet. I was quite proud!


Sunday morning we packed up, grabbed some breakfast at the hotel, and set off for home.

We arrived home around 4. We had to unpack the car, then re~pack for the next 2 weeks of our adventure; as we had to leave the next morning for west PA.


I did take some time to get a photo of all my free goodies I received at the show. Aren’t they pretty.


I also snapped a photo of all the pretties I purchased at the show. I may have spent a bit more than planned, but there was a cash prize with that first place ribbon…

Well, my friends, it is late and this seems a good stopping point. I share more about the next part of our adventure in a few days.

Sleep well.


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5 thoughts on “2014 Knit and Crochet Show, part 2 ~or~ our 3 weeks of crazy, part 2”

  1. Thank you so much for all the pictures!! I loved it. I am trying to fight the insane jealousy that wants to well up after seeing your post and moogly’s post. But, even if i had known about the meeting, i still couldn’t have made it. Plus, next year the Embroiderer’s Guild of America’s national meeting is near me. squeeeee!!

  2. Looks like so much fun. You showed more restraint that I possess. So many new products and colors, I get carried away. Our dog, “Squirrel!” Me, “Oooh, yarn!”

    • to Cindy: me too. I won at bunco last month and one option was a gift card to hobby lobby. Of course I picked that one and said, “I’m gonna get YARN!!!”


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