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Magic Knot

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The magic knot is a great join for yarns that are not too slippery. It’s a lot more sturdy then you might think, and it’s pretty simple. Once the magic knot is made, it’s usually simple enough to hide it within your work. However, there are times when it doesn’t work, so try it out first and see what you think. The magic knot does work for a color change, but it’s rather finicky to get exactly where you want it, so I tend to recommend it as a way to add on a new ball of yarn, or fix a knot in your yarn. Most of the time when you find a knot already in a ball of yarn, it is NOT sturdy enough to keep, so you have to cut it out and join the yarn in another manner. This is one option for that.

This video will show you the magic knot, along with telling the amusing story of how I learnt the knot.

Magic Knot Tutorial

Written instructions with photos:


The video shows this a little differently, but either way ends up with the same results. First line up your 2 yarns as seen in the first photo. We’ll call the top yarn A and the bottom yarn B. Fold B over A, then under A as seen in the second and third photos. Fold B through the loop made, creating a knot. Pull knot tight. Now do the same to tie A around B. Grab the yarns attached to the balls of yarn (not the ends) and pull tight to pull the knots together. Tighten everything and clip the ends close to the knot.

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    • It is very similar! I think the sailor one has an extra step in it, but I’ve seen it done this way as a “short-cut” version. 🙂


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