Retro Hats Crochet Pattern Round Up from Jessie At Home

There is something about a retro or vintage look hat that I just love! They are full of such glamour and fun, all at the same time. I feel so much cooler (hipper? groovier?) whenever I wear one. Here is a collection of retro hats so you can be a cool cat, too! I think they are all pretty nifty.

Here are the names and links of each pattern, along with a little something that each designer has to say about them.

1) Ruth Cloche ~ Designed by Marie Segares
The inspiration behind this pattern is Ruth Elder, a pioneering aviatrix and actress. Ruth placed fifth in the first Women’s Air Derby in 1929 and was a charter member of the Ninety-Nines: International Organization for Women Pilots.

2) Sequin Ladies Hat ~ Designed by Posh Pooch Designs
The Theme for this winter seems to be Sequins and lots of Glamour and Glitz! And I love it!

3) Tunisian Crochet Maura Rolled Brim Hat ~ designed by Kim Guzman

4) Beverly’s Cloche ~ Designed by Cre8tion Crochet
This hat is inspired by the cloches of the 1920’s “flapper” era.

5) The Cherise Hat & Purse ~ Designed by Maria Bittner

6) Skylark Cloche Hat ~ Designed by Jessie At Home
I designed the Skylark Cloche Hat to match the Skylark Scarf. It can be made with the leftover yarn from the scarf! Skylark has a fun 20’s look to it, and adds a fun and elegant flair to your fall and winter wardrobe.

If you want the pattern and the yarn all together in one kit, try the Crochet Millie Clochet Kit from Craftsy.


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