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Week 5 Crafty Time with Jessie At Home – Zombie Apocalypse

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Week 5 of Jessie At Home has shown me that this IS the zombie apocalypse after all. Or maybe I just need more sleep or coffee. I’ve been soooo tired this week, but I’ve still managed to be productive. This week has most definitely been sponsored by coffee.
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Friday, April 24 – Crocheting away today. Increasing shell stitches and chatting.
Red Heart It’s A Wrap Sprinkles HERE
Sheep Stitch Markers HERE

Thursday, April 23 – Playing with felt. Making flowers. Hoop art. Fun with a Leisure Arts kit!
Wreath Kit HERE
Mini Maker Kits HERE
Leisure Arts Site HERE

Wednesday, April 22 – Beading a veil and of course some chatting!
Beading Needles HERE
Beading Thread HERE
Beads HERE

Tuesday, April 21 – More cutting out skully caps. It never ends. And of course some chatting!

Monday, April 20 – Shrinks Dinks and ColorIt Acrylics with Kyla and Vada. And of course some chatting!
Find ColorIt Acrylic HERE
Find various Shrinky Dinks HERE
Fink colored Sharpies HERE

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