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WiP Wednesday 8/21/13

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This seems like a good Wednesday for a WiP update, so here you go!

I have done most of the math for the Katherine coat re-write that I told you about the other day. I am ready to make a few videos for extra help with some of the more tricky parts. Then I will be ready to start making my coat.


But first, I have to frog the first go. Lots of unraveling ahead for me!


Yesterday was such a nice day. The girls and I decided we needed some outdoor time. So they grabbed some duckie bubbles, I grabbed some yarn, my laptop and my friend’s camera, and out we went.

So…my friend’s camera…you read that right. I was about to start a free pattern tutorial for you yesterday, and I couldn’t find my camera. There was a full family search for about an hour, and no one could find it. I mentioned my plight on my Facebook page, and a friend of mine who recently moved to the same town as me said she had one I could borrow.

I still can’t find my camera. I may have to buy a new one. I’m bummed. I do want to buy a much better camera once I can afford it, but the old one still worked, so I was going to keep it as our “every day” camera. I can’t afford a nicer one at this time, so I guess I will just get basically the same one as I lost. As I said, bummer.


While the girls were having bubbly~fun, I worked on some brightness for the coming winter, and that new free pattern I mentioned a moment ago.


Here is a peek at the hats for that free pattern! I should have the pattern up by this time next week.

First, I have a few other things to get to. Such as…


The Rachel skirt!!! This pattern will be released by Friday evening. I will let you all know here when it is out, and I will have a sale all weekend long to celebrate.

Another work in progress is this blog. I have finished all the tech edits with all the old posts, but I still have some things to work out with the side bars and the menu up above.

I have several other fun things happening as well. It looks like I will be part of a give away with The Crochet Lounge this weekend. It will run Friday ~ Monday. As soon as I have the details, I will share them with all of you! You can also stay up to date on any sales and give always by liking my Facebook page.

Another bit of BIG and FUN news: I will be going to the CGOA (Crochet Guild Of America) Fall Conference! The conference is Oct 2~6 in Concord, NC. I will not be going alone, I will be running around like a kid in a candy shop along with Lorene of Cre8tion Crochet!

In less then a year, Lorene and I have discovered that we are kindred spirits. Not only are we both crafty bloggers, but we have so much else in common. She is from NJ, but has moved to NC, I am from…well…everywhere, but have come to settle down here in NJ. We both have similar views on our work ethics and morality. We take pride that all of our work is our own work. We both feel strongly about running our businesses in a way that is a good example to our children. Plus, we are both pretty darn cool gals!

Lorene will be my first cyber friend that I get to meet in person. I can not wait to give her a big hug!

Be warned: Lorene and I have some plans for the future. Expect to be hearing a lot more from us.

I really LOVE teaming up with other artists and bloggers. Life is just more fun when you play nicely with others, rather then compete against them.


With everything on my plate right now, there is one thing I can say: My life is not dull!


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  1. aww… I love you to Jessie! I can NOT wait until October! Someone just shared this post with me in one of my groups! AFTER she had just made a comment about how nice it is to see bloggers working together and I had answered back “Why work against each other when you can work together.” SEE we really ARE kindred spirits.


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