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Origami Water Bomb Base

The Origami Water Bomb Base is used to start many origami patterns. This tutorial will show you how to fold the base with written and photo steps.

Origami Helmet – make it any any size from Mouse to Bear!

The Origami Helmet is such a fun piece to make. I remember making them out of big squares of newspaper to make a hat for myself when I was little. You can start with different size papers to make different size hats for anyone – or even for all your toys. This is a great way for a little one to start learning origami.

Origami Helmet tutorial from Jessie At Home

The origami helmet can be made with paper that is a different color on both sides for a decorative effect. Be sure to crease well after each fold.

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Origami Blintz Base – written and pictorial tutorial

The Origami Blintz Base is the start of various Origami Patterns including the Butterfly, Basic Box, and Fortune Teller. You will find the written and pictorial pattern for the Origami Blintz Base below.

Origami has been one of my hobbies since I was 8 years old. Many Origami Patterns start with an Origami Base: a folded form that starts a piece. This is one such base. You can find more Origami Base Tutorials for here:

Origami Blintz Base Tutorial by Jessie At Home

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