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Wednesday Round Up ~ Felted Crochet

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Felted Crochet Pattern Round Up from Jessie At Home

Felted crochet is wonderful for accessories. There are so many patterns and so many ways to felt. I have compiled some patterns and some felting tutorials to get you started with some felting fun!

Here are the names and links of each pattern or tutorial, along with a little something that each designer has to say about them.

1) Felted Floral Pincusion ~ by Jessie at Home
This floral pincushion is crocheted with a feltable yarn, and then felted so it can be stuffed tight without the stuffing poking out.

2) Felted Entrelac Handbag ~by Gourmet Crochet
Capture the distinctive look of entrelac in a beautiful felted handbag. Choose two, three or more colors of 100% wool worsted-weight yarn, crochet with a large hook, then felt using your washing machine.

3) Tunisian Easy Felted Bag ~ by Kim Guzman
Here is your chance to learn (or practice) Tunisian crochet on a little felted bag. I’ve felted regular crochet, knitting and Tunisian crochet. I find Tunisian crochet to be the absolute best medium for felting and I highly encourage you to give it a try.

4) The Boulder Bag ~ by The Purse Workshop
The Boulder felted crochet bag is a “furry wool”interpretation of the majestic colors of the Colorado sky and the Rocky Mountains.

5) Three ways to felt your crochet projects ~ by Yarn Over, Pull Through
Here are some tips to get you started, using three methods if you’ve never felted before.

6) Felted Yarn Bowl  ~ by Mary Beth Dollar
If you are tired of chasing your yarn balls all over the table and rescuing them from the floor, this may be a solution to your dilemma! This inexpensive to make yarn bowl features a reinforced hole so your yarn pulls easily through.

7) Crochet Felted Wool Dryer Balls ~ by Pretty Little Knit Stitches
This pattern is crocheted in the round, amigurumi style so there will be no joining and chaining.  Just keep crocheting in a continuous spiral.  You’ll need a stitch marker to indicate the beginning of the round.

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