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Yarn Organization: Yarn Swatch Cards

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Here is a great way to see exactly what yarn you have, without having to look through it all! You can organize these little swatch cards on office/book rings. There are many great ways to use them. Use them to decide which yarn to use on your next project, spread them out on a table and arrange colors, or bring them with you if you are meeting a customer to decide on yarn and color.

Don’t toss them when you run out of the yarn, put them on an “out of stock” ring so you can still reference them for future projects/orders.

Ever heard of a cookie swap? Well why not have a yarn swatch swap? Make swatch cards of your yarn for your friends, and have them do the same for you, then you all have even more cards to reference!!

Here’s how:

And here are pictures with the instructions for those of you who prefer the instructions that way:

Start with an index card. Mine is 4 x 6 inches.
Cut it in half vertically. Now it is 4 x 3 inches.
Write the yarn brand, style, color, and color number. If you have to order your yarn the color number is often more useful than the color name.
Clip 1/4 to 1/3 of the way into the card just under your label on both sides.
Turn the card over, fold the flaps back, and tape the yarn down behind the label.
Wrap the yarn around the bottom section of the card for at least and inch, and then tape across the back of the wrap. Clip the yarn.
Punch a hole in the corner of your yarn swatch card.
Place your swatch cards on an office/book ring.

Enjoy your organization!!


11 thoughts on “Yarn Organization: Yarn Swatch Cards”

  1. What a clever idea. I make picture afghans for my great/grand children. Sometimes I have as many as 30 colors. This would be a great idea for additional pieces later, plus if I needed to make repairs or patch a hole I would have matching yarn. It doesn’t appear to take up to much room either. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you, I hope it helps you! (If you want to keep a small amount of extra yarn attached to the card, you could punch another hole at the bottom of the “T” and tie on a small bundle of extra yarn through that hole. Or you could get some of those embroidery thread organizer boxes, and label them, put your small amount of extra yarn in one of the cubbies, and write the label info on the back of the swatch card so you know where to look for the extra yarn for repairs)

  2. Thank you very much for the Swatch Card Tutorial. I had never thought of doing this with all of the yarn I have, 2 or 3 giant tubs worth, and I forget what I have and go buy more. This will be a really handy dandy tool. :o)

    • I’m so glad you will be able to use this idea! I have one set of cards for yarn that I have, and a second set for yarn that I’m out of. That way I can see what I might want to buy! 😉

  3. hi Jessie!

    just came across your website while searching Pinterest for ideas on making yarn swatch cards. what a lovely site. i haven’t checked out the whole site but so far i just love it. i watched your video on making yarn swatch cards. what a clever idea! i like swatches also to cut small pieces to add to an image so i can really see the actual colors next to each other. you are a wonderful teacher, clear, to the point. (although the focus was off a bit in some places!)

    thanks for taking the time to put this idea together for all of us and doing the video. i want to check out other videos you did.

    pat gibson

  4. What an awesome idea. I hate having to pull out every bag, box, basket, etc. of yarn to look for what I want to see if particular yarn colors work together. I think I may also add where the yarn is contained on the card as well (of course yarn locations can change so maybe that’s not a practical idea but I will try anything once on the organization front ?).


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