Hello there! I know I’ve been posting lots of patterns lately. So I thought it was about time for some fun kid and family pictures.

Remember how I told you about selling Girl Scout cookies and our adventures at Town Hall? Well Kyla and Vada each walked out of Town Hall with the extra dollar in their pockets. On Wednesday the student Council was selling lollipops for $.50, and the girls brought their dollars so that they could each buy two lollipops. They were lip lollipops. Look at these little goofs.


Wednesday night we had a little bit of snow. So we had a snow day on Thursday. At one point I opened our side door which has about a 6 inch step leading up to it, and this is what I saw. That fence is about 3 feet tall.


Later on I went to open the back door, and this is what I found. Yep, that’s not opening.


And here’s a shot of Thor for you. Just because, you haven’t seen Thor a while. I like Thor. He’s a good car.


I even took a look out the front door. As you can see, Doug had not gotten to shoveling yet. That’s my next-door neighbor, Mark, laughing at me taking pictures in my pajamas. Hey, it was a snow day, pajamas are acceptable attire on a snow day. Mark was nice enough to let me know that my roof looked good, and that there were only a couple of inches up there.


So, the reason I was trying to open the back door, is that I thought it might be fun to make some maple candy. You know, the kind where you boil the maple syrup (real maple syrup, not the flavored sugar water), and then you pour it in the snow. Now before you get all up in arms about not eating the snow, it’s dirty, it’s polluted, and so on, the amount of snow you actually eat when making the maple candy is pretty insignificant. Really all it does is cool down the maple syrup very quickly, and make it fun for kids.

As I was unable to open the back door, I went back to the side door, and loaded up a pan with snow. Then we heated up our maple syrup, and poured it on the snow. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture at that point. This is what the pan of snow look like after we removed the candy.


And here we have the maple candy after it’s been removed from the snow. The girls thought it was pretty cool. And yummy. Very yummy.

I think I need a new candy thermometer, I don’t think this was give me the right temperatures anymore, the syrup really should have been a bit hotter…I think.


Here is a little video of the snow falling on Thursday in the backyard. It really was much cooler before I grabbed the camcorder. I swear, as soon as I hit “record” it stopped being crazy. Mean snow.

We had another snow day again today. There was actually a lot more snowfall during the night. Now here is what the backyard looked like this morning. Just a little bit of snow out there.


This morning the girls decided to help Doug shovel the snow. Well, help in the way any six-year-old would when faced with mountains of snow.

And here are some photos of our shoveled out house for you.


Remember the snowmen? Sadly, they were casualties of the snowpocalypse.


OK, one more video of the crazy kids playing in the snow.

Of course, a few minutes after I went inside, the girls made Doug get me to take one last picture.


Here’s another angle to show you just how high up they are.


Stay warm, stay safe, and have a wonderful weekend.

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