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Mimmo Caddy Review – Organize (part of) your Life!

The Mimmo Caddy from Mollie Ollie is a great way to organize at least part of your life. It’s well-made, has pockets galore, and holds so much! You may think it’s “just” a diaper caddy, but while it is great for that, it’s so much more. Stick around for a coupon code so you can buy one for each of your crafty friends on your holiday list.

Mimmo Caddy from Mollie Ollie review by Jessie At Home - Pin 1

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Pretty in Pink Clutch – what a cute little accessory!

The Pretty in Pink Clutch is perfect for a night out, or to hold make up or jewelry. Clutches are such a classic accessory. This one is great for gifting or taking to holiday parties. I made mine in pink and purple, but you can choose any color to go with your style! Make one to match each of your favorite dresses or outfits.

Pretty in Pink Clutch free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home
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Embroidered Messenger Bag Tutorial – A great use for your finished embroidery

This embroidered messenger bag was inspired by the embroidered turtle I made last year from a Global Artisan kit. I knew I needed to make it into something for Vada, because she’s my turtle-loving child. Vada’s in middle school this year, and is getting more social. I thought of making a petite messenger bag for her because it’s a great way to show off the fun little turtle, and she’s not into purses. She loves it, and I hope you do too!

Embroidered Messenger Bag Sewing Tutorial by Jessie At Home

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Hanging Bag Holder – Reuse and Stay Organized!

Hanging bag holders are a great way to help the planet and stay organized. When you end up with plastic bags, keep them in your holder and reuse them when you can. It seems like no matter how much I try to avoid using plastic bags, they always sneak into my house, so this hanging bag holder is quite handy.

Hanging Bag Holder - a crochet pattern for reuse by Jessie At Home
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