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Knit Hand Towel Border – Knit Pattern and Video Tutorial

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Stitchopedia Pattern Video Tutorial

This knit hand towel border will teach you how to add a sweet knit trim around a hand towel. The knit pattern for the trim is part of the tutorial.

Knit Hand Towel Border Stitchopedia Knit Video Tutorial - Cover

Products for this design were provided by WeCrochet and Artesprix. All opinions are my own.

First, you’ll need to make a backstitch base around the edge of the towel. You can find the tutorial for that HERE. Then follow along with this tutorial to cast on through those stitches, and finally knit your border. You can use this technique on nearly any fabric item, such as blankets, hems of various clothing items, and more.

Knit Hand Towel Border Stitchopedia Knit Video Tutorial - Pin 1

Knit Hand Towel Border Video Tutorial

If you can’t see this video, try watching it on YouTube HERE.

Knit Hand Towel Border

Knit Pattern
Easy Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

Towel with Knit Border


1” thick

Knit Picks / WeCrochet Curio #10: (100% Cotton), Size #10 Crochet Thread, 721 yds / 100 g (yds/g = 7.21)
Heliotrope 27981: 1 skein, (290 yds / 40 g)

3.25 mm (US 3)

Gauge: Learn about gauge HERE
Not important

Other supplies
Yarn Needle
Stitch Markers

Stitches and Abbreviations: click on highlighted sts for tutorials
bo – bind off
k – knit
st(s) – stitch(es)
yo – yarn over
[ ] – work step in brackets number of times indicated

Getting Started
  • Read through all instructions before beginning
Knit Hand Towel Border Stitchopedia Knit Video Tutorial - Pin 2


Rnd 1: Pick up and k into a st on the edge of the towel, yo, [pick up and k into next st on edge of towel] around, place marker to keep track of rounds.
Rnd 2: K all.
Rnd 3: [K2, yo] around.
Rnd 4: K all.
Rnd 5: [K3, yo] around.
Rnd 6: K all.
Rnd 7: K all.

Bind off all sts.

Fasten off then weave in ends.

Use or give and enjoy!

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Close up of Knit Border

If you are going to make this Knit Hand Towel Border, then get some supplies from these affiliate links. You pay the same price, and I get a small referral fee.

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Knit Picks Curio 10
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Happy stitching my friends.

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Knit Hand Towel Border - Knit Pattern and Video TutorialKnit Hand Towel Border - Knit Pattern and Video TutorialKnit Hand Towel Border - Knit Pattern and Video Tutorial

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