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Artesprix Face Masks and Other Awesomeness!

The kids made Artesprix face masks and they are so cool! They were fun and easy to make and come out beautiful.

Artesprix Face Masks and Other Awesomeness tutorial by Jessie At Home - Face Masks

You’d think we would get use to the awesomeness that is Artesprix, but we still gasp in awe every time we peal away the paper and reveal our latest creation. We have so many more ideas and we can’t wait to make All The Things!

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Origami Bunny Head – Fun for all ages!

The Origami Bunny Head Pattern is super simple to make, so it’s great for kids and beginners. Turn them into holiday bunting, attach them to cards or presents, stick a few in with candy, or so many other ideas! You can use them in class gifts if you’re trying to stay away from food. Use different size paper to make these cuties in any size! You will find the written and pictorial pattern for the Origami Bunny Head below.

Bunny Head Origami Tutorial by Jessie At Home

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Astronomy Fluxx – so much outer space family fun & even some education!

Astronomy Fluxx is quickly becoming a favorite here At Home. Our budding astronaut, Vada, wants to play it all the time and it’s so fun that I almost always say yes. We’ve been having a blast playing, and we have all learned some interesting facts and dates from this game. Considering we are a family of outer space nerds, that’s saying a lot!

Astronomy Fluxx - outer space, family fun & even some education! - game review from Jessie At Home

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Arctic Friends – December Orange Art Box Projects with Kyla and Vada

Arctic Friends are perfect for this time of year, and with the December Orange Art Box you can learn to draw and sculpt them! Vada and Kyla had a great time creating friends on bookmarks, postcards, and cards. Then made critters and more with clay, and they learned some skills they want to teach you.

Also, be sure to check out THIS post for Orange Friday deals and a giveaway that ends on December 8th, 2019.

Arctitc Friends Orange Art Box Projects from Jessie At Home

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