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Off Set Granny Square with thin or thick border – free crochet pattern

The Off Set Granny Square free crochet pattern is a fun take on the traditional version. Change up the directions when you lay them out in a blanket for different looks. There are just so many ways you can use this square. I’ve designed this pattern as part of the You’ve Got Options CAL. You can stop after 1 border round for a 6″ square, or then you can keep going to 12″.

Off Set Granny Square with thin or thick border- crochet pattern by Jessie At Home
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Ginny’s Grannies Sampler – 2020 Blanket CAL Intro & Supply List

The Ginny’s Grannies Sampler Blanket CAL will take place throughout 2020. We will be making a granny square sampler blanket in rainbow colors. The blanket has a fun layout inspired by a blanket from an old Better Homes & Gardens book my Grammy Ginny gave me. This first post will tell you all you need to understand how the CAL works and to get ready to make your blanket.

Ginny's Grannies Sampler - 2020 Blanket CAL by Jessie At Home

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A Unique Granny Square Pattern for Allison – Squares and Miters

Tradition is great, but sometimes a unique granny square is just what you want. This square is made with two small traditional granny squares and two mitered squares joined together and then finished with a textured border. I designed and made this unique granny square for Allison’s Wedding Blanket CAL. I’ve posted those details below, you should really check it out, because the designers are amazing, and so is the finished blanket!

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Striped Flower Garden – a fun and easy 12″ afghan square

The Striped Flower Garden square features a dimensional flower in the center, and then square rounds of different colors and sizes to the edge. When made in worsted weight yarn such as Red Heart With Love, the square is 12″. Due to the texture, the Striped Flower Garden square would also look lovely in one solid color. You could even make a blanket with multiple squares each made of a different color. Get creative and have fun!

Striped Flower Garden - free crochet pattern by JessieAtHome
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Linen Stitch Square

This fun Linen Stitch pattern is made using slip stitches and changing colors. It is actually a pretty easy stitch to master which creates a beautiful fabric; it’s actually one of my favorite stitches. The Linen Stitch Square is part of the Harmony Blanket Blog Hop KAL, and you can find more details HERE. Use this square to create a blanket, or use the stitch pattern to create just about anything you want.

Linen Stitch Square - free knit pattern by Jessie At Home
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