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Crochet & Knit accessories with Sculpey

I recently spent an very enjoyable and relaxing afternoon making some lovely creations with Sculpey. I want to share a little about that, show you how easy it is to make beads with Sculpey, and give you some opportunities from Sculpey to win some of your own and even a discount code to buy more!

Crochet & Knit accessories with Sculpey from Jessie At Home

The Sculpey and tools used in this post were provided buy Sculpey, all opinions are my own.

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The Shawl Toggle - tutorial only on

Celina’s Shawl Toggle – a crafty guest for you!

The Shawl Toggle - tutorial only on
Hi, everyone! My name is Celina Lane and I’m delighted to be visiting Jessie at Home today from Simply Collectible Crochet to tell you about my amazing Shawl Toggle invention! Thank you so much for having me here, Jessie.
I had a little bit of a challenge deciding the perfect thing to share with you here, but then it dawned on me. This is the absolute perfect thing that everyone will need at some point. Not only will you want one of these for yourself, but they make excellent gifts to go with your crocheted gifts.

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Bottle Cap Button Designs

Easy Custom Bottle Cap Buttons

Hello my friends! Today we have a special guest post from a crafty blogger friend. Enjoy!

Hi there! My name is Danielle and I blog over at Storypiece – a craft and DIY site that encourages others to design a meaningful home that reflects their own unique story. I’m super excited to be guest posting for Jessie today and getting to know your community.

As someone who enjoys diving into creative endeavors, I have to confess that I only knit at a basic level and have struggled with learning how to crochet. In fact, I grew-up with a grandmother that constantly crocheted beautiful pieces, but I could never master the skill… really, the only thing I managed to accomplish was frustrating her to no end.

Recently my daughter, Tess, has taken up her great-grandmother’s mantle and taught herself how to crochet. I’m continually surprised by what she comes up with.

Mod Podge Bottle Cap Button

That’s why I was completely thrilled

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