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Come Together Purse Lining Sewing Tutorial – with 2 mini bags!

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The Come Together Purse Lining is quick and easy to make. There’s a super simple pocket you can add, and even some stash buster little bags to toss inside.

Come Together Purse Lining & Mini Bags sewing tutorial by Jessie At Home - Social

Find the Come Together Purse Pattern HERE.

There are video tutorials for every step of the Come Together Purse, just click on the link below to check them out!

Video Tutorial Jessie At Home

Find some of my favorite sewing supplies HERE. For the lining you’ll need 1 yard of fabric, fabric pencil or chalk, needle and thread, 4″ of sew-on Velcro, and a 8″ zipper. If you want to attach the bags to the purse you’ll also need about 6″ of thin ribbon or cord, 2 clips, and more of the yarn from the purse along with a crochet hook.

Come Together Purse Lining

To begin, you’ll need to cut out your lining as seen below.

Cut Out Lining

Fold side BC in half. Sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance from the fold to 1/2″ before corner BC.

Fold BC in half and sew

Flip the unsewn edge back away from side AB, then fold side AB in half and sew in same manner as BC.

Fold away from other side

Pull bag lining open and press seams open. Press cut edges down 1/2″. You will need to clip the downward point on the un-seamed side to be able to fold the edges.

Press Lining

Lining Pocket

Cut out the Purse Pocket.

Purse Pocket

Fold the Purse Pocket in half with right sides together. Seam around leaving and opening to turn. Turn and press, being sure to push corners out with a point turner. Mark the center of the pocket with a stitching line. Pin the pocket on the seamed side of the bag.

Place and pin pocket

Sew pocket on as seen below, taking care not to sew through to the other side of the lining.

Sew on pocket

Pin lining inside purse and hand stitch along top of lining to bottom of purse border.

Small Bag

Cut one 9×8 square for the small bag.

Purse Extra Bags

Fold the piece in half so it’s 4.5″ x 8″. Sew 1/2″ seams leaving an opening as seen below.

Seam Small Bag

Clip the corners to just under 1/8″ away from the points of the seams. Flip the piece right side out and use a point turner to push out the 2 corners farthest away from the opening. top stitch the opening shut.

Clip Corners and Turn

Push the side with the opening inside the the other side to make the self-lined bag. Press, then sew in the Velcro. Add a loop to a top corner if you want to attach the bag inside the purse.

Push in lining and add Velcro

Medium Bag

Cut out 2 pieces of fabric, both 9″ x 8″. Place one piece right side up, place the zipper across a 9″ side of the piece, place the other piece right side down on top of that, sandwiching the zipper inside. Sew across the 9″ side with the zipper, about 1/8″ closer to the edge of the fabric from the zipper teeth. Flip pieces at the seam and press.

Sew in first side of zipper

Fold both pieces of fabric in half to sandwich in the other side of the zipper and sew in the same manner.

Sew in second side of zipper

Flip the bag so that both pieces of fabric are folded in half, right sides together, with the zipper in the center. Sew the edges of the fabric from the fold to 1/4-1/2″ from the zipper in the 3 places shown below.

Pull out sides and seam

Flip the bag so all the fabric is right side out. Fold in the unsewn edge 1/2″ and topstitch it shut. Tuck the inside of the bag into place. Neaten up the 2 ends of the zipper and stitch them in place by hand if needed. If you want to clip the bag inside the purse, then add a ribbon loop to the top corner where the zipper pull is when the zipper is shut.

Sew remaining side seam

Bag straps in Purse

Join yarn to the inside of the purse border. Chain 35-40, *sl st into the back end of a clip, ch 1, repeat from the * once or twice, then sl st in the bottom bumps of each chain. Make the second strap in the same manner.

Come Together Purse Lining & Mini Bags sewing tutorial by Jessie At Home - 5

Happy crafting my friends!

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Come Together Purse Lining Sewing Tutorial - with 2 mini bags!Come Together Purse Lining Sewing Tutorial - with 2 mini bags!Come Together Purse Lining Sewing Tutorial - with 2 mini bags!

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