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Woodland Kids Crafts – November Orange Art Box Projects

Woodland kids crafts are perfect for this time of year. Fall colors and fuzzy critters fill the November woodland Orange Art Box and bring out the creativity in your little ones. Kyla and Vada would like to show you all the goodies in this month’s box and what they have created with them.

Woodland Kids Crafts - November Orange Art Box - Jessie At Home

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Winter Tree Craft – Mini wood trees with paint, flocking, and beads!

This winter tree craft makes quick little knick knacks that can be placed around the house for seasonal or holiday decoration. They can be made in colors for your winter holidays – such as Christmas or Hanukkah – or winter colors, or colors that match your decor. Make them to suit your style and then display them with pride!

Winter Tree Craft - crafty tutorial by Jessie At Home

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Origami Tulip – so many ways to brighten up your day!

Origami tulips can brighten up your day in so many ways. You can pit them on twigs or dowels to make a bouquet or give them as gifts. For outdoor parties they can be placed in bushes to add some color. You can make tiny tulips and spray them with clear varnish to make earrings! Plus, next month I will teach you how to make an origami stem and leaf to use with flowers including your origami tulip!

Origami Tulip tutorial from Jessie At Home

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