Learn how to “slip stitch to join” as you see in patterns worked in the round. This post includes written instructions with photos, and a video to show you the slip stitch in action. The video also show how to use the slip stitch to move over several stitch, as is sometimes needed when working in the round.

This is NOT a tutorial on using slip stitch as a stitch of it’s own. You can find a tutorial for that here.

This video will show you how to use the slip stitch to join a chain into a ring, as is needed to start most motifs worked from the center out, how to use the slip stitch to join rounds, and how to use the slip stitch to move over several stitches.

Written instructions with photos:

sl st ~ slip stitch
yo ~ yarn over (wrap yarn around hook)

Slip stitch to join: insert hook into stitch that you are joining into, yo, pull through all the loops on the hook.

Here are photos to show how to join a chain into a loop/ring and how to use a slip st to join at the end of a round.

Join with a sl st to form a ring: Insert hook into first chain.
Wrap yarn over hook. (yo)
Pull the yo through all loops on hook.
Join with a sl st to finish the round…
Insert hook into stitch you are joining into.
Wrap yarn over hook. (yo)
Pull yo through all loops on hook

Chart: The sl st is symbolized with a dot (.) on a charted pattern.

Here is a chart for the little circle as seen in the pictures above.


Here is the pattern the chart illustrates:

Ch 4,

join with a sl st to form a ring,

ch 3 (counts as first dc),

dc 11 into the ring,

join with a sl st to the top of the beginning ch 3.

There you have it, now slip away!


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